A Typical Work Day + Healthy Cooking | VLOGMAS

A Typical Work Day + Healthy Cooking | VLOGMAS

In today’s Vlogmas I show you how I film a Youtube video, the prep I have to do, going to CrossFit in the evening for an amazing workout, and cooking a super healthy dinner! Missed a Vlogmas video? Check the playlist: https://goo.gl/CFMYBp

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mmmkkk987 says:

That kale and sweet potato combo looks delicious! I think I'm gonna try that soon!

kittygirl1756 says:

I'm trying to lose 30lbs but having a really hard time. I have no vehicle so it's hard to go to the store even though it's across the street because I have a child and it's cold. Family helps with transportation but they have to work during the day. I order most of what I got online and my neighbor helps with the food as well. Is there a way I can still lose the weight?

V. K. says:

Normalerweise bin ich eher eine stumme Zuschauerin (obwohl ich dich schon seit Jahren gucke, und du bist immer noch eine meiner Lieblingsyoutuberinnen!), aber mir hat dein Vlog so gut gefallen, dass ich dachte, ich sollte das mal mitteilen 🙂 Odin ist so ein süßer und aufgeweckter Hund, man merkt richtig, dass du in deiner neuen Rolle als Hundemama richtig aufgehst. Hunde sind wirklich bereichernd fürs Leben, finde ich! Und den Blick hinter die Kulissen beim Videodreh find ich auch sehr spannend. Liebe Grüße, und mach gerne weiter so! 🙂

karinlau3 says:

love your sweater!!!

kimberlym311 says:

Love your vlogs!

MsSam66ok says:

Your veggie meals look so good. Odin is a clever boy!

cristina14k says:

Loving these vlogmass… so enjoyable

Dummpitz says:

Kein Protein nach dem Sport?

TheLeaveTaking says:

Lol….that really is the craziest sweater. Suits you though.

pilsers12 says:

Love to see Odin in your videos,he is the cutest

Mariam Chievous says:

Hi Julia I've been a fan of yours – misschevious youtube name =) your videos never fail me, you always make me feel better , in fact made me re think my life and get organized. Thank you for everything you do <3

carina Bonito says:

You look like a Christmas tree on that sweater i Love It!!! I want one too!

MissVibchen says:

I really like when you cook in your videos. Grüße in die Schweiz.

MizzMadeUp says:

ohhh how fun to see……loved seing your setup….lots of love

55uniwega says:

Im in love with your videos, somehow they got cuteness and give nice feeling. Keep on doing them 🙂

grse grse says:

Dogs like ??? Real food plz…

FashionAplenty says:

Really realistic content! U are growing into your vlogging style

r. chloe says:

I kept staring at the red marionette hanging in the background.

Jessica Morris says:

I love your fit Fridays and day in the life vlogs!!

Maria Rose says:

You need to get a chuckit for Odin! It makes throwing so easy lol

Saleita Smith says:

I love ❤️ watching ur video on YouTube and u make amazing video on YouTube and I love ❤️ the way u editor ur video on YouTube

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