Andrew James Baking and Steam Tray Set for 10-12 Litre Halogen Ovens | Round Baking Trays Non Stick | 25.5cm Diameter

Andrew James Baking and Steam Tray Set for 10-12 Litre Halogen Ovens | Round Baking Trays Non Stick | 25.5cm Diameter

Add another dimension to your Halogen Oven with the Andrew James Baking and Steamer Tray Set.

We know that halogen ovens give us wonderful results where we aren’t able to use conventional ovens.

As they’re energy efficient, you really want to get the most out of your new oven and with our Baking and Steamer Tray set cooking is made so much easier for you.

Constructed from high quality aluminium, and ideal for any 10L – 17L oven, you will be able to cook a myriad of dishes!

The Baking Tray works exactly like a conventional oven baking tray. Perfect for getting wonderful results when cooking oven chips, quiche, even bread!

Our Steamer Tray give you healthy, tasty results for a variety of vegetables – making quick and tasty side dishes.

To use the Steamer Tray, simply place it on your halogen oven rack, pour your water into the halogen bowl, layer your veg on the steamer and you’re good to go!

Both trays have a non-stick coating making it easier for you to cook with and clean them.

Additional Information

Diameter (cm): 25.5

Suitable for any 10L – 17L Halogen Oven

Product Features

  • BAKING TRAY & STEAMER TRAY SET — The Andrew James Baking Tray & Steamer Tray Set have been designed to be used with any 10-12 Litre Halogen Oven but are also suitable to be used as regular baking trays in a conventional oven.
  • 25.5CM DIAMETER BAKING TRAY SET — The trays are made of sturdy materials which mean they are robust enough for daily use. With a diameter of 25.5 cm they can be used to cook and bake delicious and healthy meals for the entire family.
  • PERFORATED STEAMER TRAY — The perforated tray is great for pizza as the holes allow air to circulate as it bakes which results in a crispier crust. This feature is also ideal for cooking french fries, bread, quiches, cakes and biscuits.
  • NON-STICK AND EASY TO CLEAN — The non-stick coating means you don’t have to add extra oil or butter to your food. The non-stick coating also means that the trays are extremely easy to clean.
  • 2-YEAR MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY — Shop with confidence. Your Andrew James Baking Tray and Steamer Tray Set is covered by a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.



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