ASMR Healthy Cooking for Tingles and Relaxation

ASMR Healthy Cooking for Tingles and Relaxation

So here’s a little bit more about me in this new cooking video. I was a bit nervous for the first few minutes on camera, I hope you’ll understand my rocking on my feet, oh dear. And it’s a bit louder than I intended with the music behind me! So, I’m making a special dish that I learned back in my ashram visits. It’s ayurvedic cooking with lots of alkaline grains and seasonings that combine to create a healing, delicious cure for what ails you! Sometimes I’ll make a big pot of it and eat it for every meal until I run out as a kind of cleansing diet. I hope you enjoy watching me make my favorite ‘Savory Cereal’! If you like soft spoken cooking demos with a bit of lovely chanting in the background, this is for you, lol!

Are you new to ASMR? Want to know more?
My spiritual/esoteric side is well balanced with a degree in science, so this information satisfies my need to know how and why and may answer some of your questions about ASMR…Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Good stuff!



Skinned Moments says:

Something about this was very moving to watch. Towards the end of the video I actually started sobbing out of absolutely nowhere! Sad, but funny! Although I broke down, this was incredibly calming and spiritual. The song playing while you were reading the cook book was also extremely emotional and passionate. Thank you for this video, it took me on a peaceful rollercoaster of emotions 🙂

Jaybird ASMR says:

Your videos are truly amazing. I love watching you work, and the combination of your voice with that soothing background music is EXACTLY what I am looking for in an ASMR video, SO RELAXING!! I can feel your positive energy bursting through my screen, and that makes me very happy. Please keep making more videos!

Molly Roberts -HerSpeak says:

I have made this SO many times since you posted this video. DEeelishusss! <3 Hubby loves it too. 🙂

Sabri182 says:

she looks like the older version of the crazy girl from god bless america

Pau K says:

This is such a soothing, tingle-worthy, beautiful video. I subscribed instantly. Sending you lots of love <3

Hann Davies says:

I rarely comment on videos but I love this and wanted to share my appreciation! So interesting and mesmerising! Your voice and the background music work so well together! Thank you!

Heather73090 says:

This is super relaxing and it also looks delicious! 🙂 glad I found this video!

glitzypig says:

Are you vegetarian? If so, for ethical reasons? Bc it is good just to go all out and become vegan 🙂 i use earth balance vegan butter and it is so delicious tastes just like butter. <3

Nana Rori ASMR says:

Love the secret ingredient to all of life…

Nana Rori ASMR says:

You are too cute the way you hum and sing so soothing this video is

Nana Rori ASMR says:

Thank you Diane for this recipe As your aware I'm not feeling too good I am going to be making this recipe. I think you are amazing!
I just may be transforming to a vegetarian I love Indian food and you don't really miss the meat with all those grains and vegetables

eASMR says:

Subscribed!! You had me at "hi everyone" love your energy!!!

pikebuh says:

hello ….
i want to thank you thank you for all the inspiration i get from you and your videos ….
i try to do better with food … the life and start to think out of the box … looking what i realy enjoy …
like this meal … it was realy realy interesting und tasty …
but i hope i dit not put a spell on me because i dit not wait for a dripping nose or something like that 🙂

also thank you what you say about salt … it was always this white stuff in the big pot in the kitchen ….
because of you i talk with this lovely lady at a renaissance festival … and she sold me some wonderful
kind of salt … "tale made " sea salt from mermaids in spain ….. smoked rock salt from grumpy midget at
the deep black forest in germany … some trade fair black salt from frindly demons ….
and i love it to work with it … it makes so mutch fun…

about your unboxing this cup for tea … i start to thinking about it … so i also got this wonderful pot for tea
and some cups … at this festival …. its all hande made … totaly not perfekt … the cups are not 100% round …
the color change and so on … call me nuts but i looooooooooooooove it 🙂

again thank you for this positiv impact …. ok and sorry for the bad english 🙂
have a nice day

frank from germany

Voidstar X says:

It's great to see you cook! But do you have a cooling dish for hot summers? Love from Singapore, where its always hot and humid.

LAladybluejeanbaby says:

could you please tell me the name of the CD you are playing? its perfect for my spa 🙂

goodFinMusic says:

this is great. I wish we could call it the joy of cooking, because you remind me of a female version of Bob Ross. This is such a great video and the over the shoulder angle gave me a crazy amount of tangles. Even you moving the chopped items to the side with your knife. this is the first video of yours that I watched and I'm definitely subscribing. can't wait to see more.

fknnameiwantistaken says:

I made it until the blender before I fell asleep last night, but today at work I've been relaxing while working and listened about three times.

Regan Sawyer says:

Your cooking videos are my favorite!

Berlin Jane ASMR says:

You are so sweet and lovely, thank you so much for the efforts. I loved the sounds and watching you cooking! <3

FoxgloveSaysNo says:

Lovely! I just made myself a stew or very thick soup with coconut milk, onions and red lentils. So I won't starve while watching. XO!

Love Today ASMR says:

So relaxing. Thank you 🙂

Sea Witch in Seattle says:

This is amazing! So relaxing!

What's the CD called? Or the artist's name? 🙂

Whisper Latina ASMR says:

Would love to try it!! <3 your voice is just so calming and soothing <33333

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