Chicken Curry Recipe | Healthy Cooking | Indian Fat loss recipe | Indian Cooking

Chicken Curry Recipe | Healthy Cooking | Indian Fat loss recipe | Indian Cooking

Hey guys, in this video I finally share the chicken curry recipe with you all. You guys have been watching me closely on instagram cooking up some chicken. I hope you like this healthy chicken gravy recipe.

Macros – for 400g chicken (Veggies included)

Calories: 800 approx
Protein: 100g
Fats: 35g
Carbs: 25g (Fiber – 12g)
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Gnni Worthington says:

Do anyone know about Fenoboci Diet Plan? Does it work? I hear many people burn their fat with this popular weight loss secrets.

uday sharma says:

shouldn't 400gm of chicken with eggs have more protein than what you've stated?

badclams420 says:

I like the idea of adding the whole eggs. I'm going to give that a try soon !

harsh bhatia says:

isse bkr shkl mne ni dkhi kisi recipee ki..

Uday Singh Chauhan says:

Bro your content is good but you need to reduce weight. :3

Morningstar ADITYA says:

No wonder why your gaining Fat fast coz your recipe just like you . sucks

Rajdeep Dutta says:

i bet it taste like shit and is uncooked

aiyaz dhalait says:

guys dont demoltivate them he is doing so much for us who has free time to give us

Soham Makwana says:

So many hateful comments man !

manish gusain says:

bro you once said you have become vegan.. but now you r eating chicken…. why broda ?????

2SUB ZERO says:

will salman khan ever get married? will shreyas ever lose weight?

Ashok Nayak says:

Good one! this gonna be my weekend recipe!

Abhijit Jadhav says:

my fav fat-tuber !

Sanjeev Kumar says:

how much do you drink??? i see wine glasses and antiquity bottle cover as your salt container

sidhanth gupta says:

wine or whisky ?

Panchal Jigar says:

Brother …please make a video on vegetarian pan cakes for weight gain please….

Utsab Mitra says:

Good recipe. Will try it this weekend. (Also it's pronounced "erbs" and not "herbs. The h is silent. I was getting kind of fidgety by it)

Shawn Christon says:

Shreyas for masterchef.

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