Chinese Healthy Cooking Channel Trailer 频道简介

Chinese Healthy Cooking Channel Trailer 频道简介

Chinese Healthy Cooking Channel Trailer
Easy Chinese cooking
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Easy to cook Chinese food at home.
Highlights of my channel.

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ChineseHealthyCook says:

My first live stream around 5 PM Eastern Time today! See you soon!

Cakes Cooking and More says:

Great video. Just found your channel, I subbed.

BlowAverageLookinGuy says:


Dylan Kaulukou-Chang says:

Your food always looks delicious. Thanks for sharing. Me and my family will look forward to try some your cooking recipes.

Dylan Kaulukou-Chang 🙂

chukabucka says:

looking forward to more videos!

Susan J. says:

Thanks for sharing so many delicious recipes on YouTube. Your Wonton Soup recipe is a weekly staple in my house.

N C says:

Very nice professional intro. I wish all that delicious food could jump off the screen and onto my table.

The Electrobuz says:

What is the dish at 0:18? It looks amazing.

Mya Cusimano says:

I want to try all of it

Healthy Recipe Channel says:

The food looks so delicious, amazing pictures and recipes.

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