Cracked Egg Poacher Set by HomeQuip | Eat Healthy Eggs for Breakfast | Great Design with Safety Handle Includes Free Brush (Box of 4 Poacher)

Cracked Egg Poacher Set by HomeQuip | Eat Healthy Eggs for Breakfast | Great Design with Safety Handle Includes Free Brush (Box of 4 Poacher)

MAKE BREAKFAST EXCITING AGAIN – With our NEW Cracked Egg Poacher Basket!

“I love fried eggs but had needed a healthier option, traditional boiling eggs just takes too much time and effort and the Pods on the market I found awkward to handle, then I found these cute cracked egg basket design which were amazing – buy one you’ll love it.” (Alison)

Breakfast is without a doubt the most important meal of the day. It sets the tone for your energy levels to go to work, tackle school projects, or even do chores around the house. But it’s not always the easiest or most time-friendly choice. That’s why you need the HomeQuip Cracked Egg Poacher Basket. MAKE BREAKFAST HEALTHIER, EASIER AND MORE DELICIOUS. Our silicone egg poacher is designed make healthy breakfast more easily, quickly and in style.

If you’re trying to becoming healthy, poaching eggs is a great way to reduce frying your breakfast and what’s more they’re tasty and a good source of protein. The HomeQuip is made with premium food grade silicone, a quirky cracked egg shell design which has a handle to make it easy and safe to carry.

There are two versions available, a 2 pack and a family pack of 4. Each version contains a colourful pictured instruction and a free grease brush. Make perfect poached eggs each time by following easy to follow instructions.

Click Add to Cart NOW at the top of the page and smile knowing you’ve just made a small investment to make a great health change. We believe you’ve love it so much you’ll love to buy a set for your family and friends to show them the clever new way to eat healthy eggs for breakfast!

Healthy Breakfast
No more frying
Evenly cooked poached eggs
Cook eggs to your preference
Made with premium quality silicone
Make eggs with 5-7 minutes
Great handle design makes using the pod easy and convenient
Come in pack of 2 and a family pack of 4
Free grease brush and colourful instructions

Product Features

  • HEALTHY MORNING BREAKFAST – NO MORE FRYING: Avoid the extra unhealthy saturated fats: Your morning eggs no longer need to be swimming in oil, use our new Egg Poacher Baskets.
  • NEW CRACKED EGG POACHER BASKETS: A beautiful design, cracked egg shaped pod with easy to carry handle. BPA free & FDA approved. Made with high quality food grade silicone for durability, flexibility and to withstand high heat.
  • MAKES DELICIOUS PERFECT POACHED EGGS & OMELETTES: Get the perfect egg each time, they’ll be perfectly shaped, evenly cooked and made to your preference (runny, solid or semi-solid).
  • EASY TO USE & CLEAN: No more handling saucepans and washing them tirelessly after making your eggs. Just break your fresh egg in your new poacher baskets, boil and once ready empty on your plate – simple. To wash, just use a quick soapy sponge to swipe and rinse – job done. (dishwasher safe)
  • COMES WITH BONUS GRESE BRUSH & COLOUR INSTRUCTIONS! – Comes in two packages in 2s or 4s. Each one includes a colourful easy to follow instructions and a free brush. You’ll love these Cracked Egg Poacher Baskets if you don’t return them for a full refund!



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