Crusher is widely used in cement industry

Crusher is widely used in cement industry

With the rapid development of infrastructure, China’s cement dosage of the world’s first, crushing and grinding of raw cement in the Crusher In Cement Plant production line in combination with limestone, clay, the fine granularity of raw material, can greatly save equipment, grinding time, less power consumption, so the raw material of broken broken equipment need to configure the good performance, and impact crusher through the test of time, its superior performance, easy maintenance, is the best choice of the raw cement crushing equipment. All the main indexes of crusher operation is material crushing, namely the maximum size of broken before the material block and the ratio of the maximum size after crushing. At present in the secondary crushing in large cement plant, to ensure product size in the smallest material up quickly. Primary crushing large capacity requirements of crusher models, mostly in the general application of jaw crusher.

Impact crusher working principle

impact jaw crusher india is a kind of the use of impact energy to crushing material crushing machinery. The machine work, under the drive of the motor, the rotor high-speed rotation, the material into the plate hammer function area, and the rotor plate hammer impact crushing, and then again to counter device is broken, and then back to the board from the back plate hammer function area is broken again, this process is repeated, material from big to small into one, two, three, back cavity repeated broken, until the material being broken to the required size, is being exhausted from port discharge. Adjust the clearance between the back frame and rotor can achieve the purpose of the material discharging granularity and material to change shape.

Crusher wear parts

Lining is a crusher wear parts china, in the process of work will absorb a certain amount of impact and abrasion. Material wear is two or more objects of the friction surface under the effect of reverse force, the relative movement and the medium, the effect of temperature environment make the shape, size, organization and performance of the process of change. Grinding wear is in the process of friction, because of the hard particles or hard bumps and material surface interaction make the material surface produces a wear caused by migration or fall off. The wear is caused by friction, as well as the important cause of material and energy loss, there are various fields of national economy and daily life.

Failure is mainly caused by the wear of lining board of the Crusher For Silicon Quartz. Wear is one of the main causes of failure of mechanical parts, to the service life of machine parts, safety and reliability have great influence. Due to wear existing in production and living of universality, brings to the national economic loss is very big. To incomplete statistics, the 1/3 to 2/3 of energy consumption on friction and wear, for materials, about 80% of the failure is caused by the wear and tear parts, including grinding wear the economic losses caused by more than 50%, such as sand, ore, rock, soil and cement material interactions, such as mining machinery, engineering machinery, powder equipment in many mechanical parts; Hydraulic and thermal power equipment in many mechanical parts, etc. Wear not only consumes energy, waste materials, cause huge economic loss and waste of social resources, and because of the wear replacing parts repair, shutdown of manpower and material resources, and labor productivity to reduce the losses caused by more serious.



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