Fire Starter Natural and Ecologic Scandinavian Hygge Gifts for BBQ Grill Fireplace Campfire Fire Pit or Stove

Fire Starter Natural and Ecologic Scandinavian Hygge Gifts for BBQ Grill Fireplace Campfire Fire Pit or Stove

Kotten – The Story

It all started somewhere in northern Sweden when Robert Kraft was spending time at his in-laws’ outhouse reading “the housewife’s tip of the week” in a magazine. The tip was to collect pine cones and turn them into fire starters by dipping them in melted candle wax.

Robert tried but realized that the pine cones didn’t burn well enough to light fires efficiently. Since Robert has a curious mind he decided to do a lot of experimenting. After several trials and errors, he found the perfect recipe that turns the pine cones into excellent fire starters.

Robert also realized he would not have to collect the pine cones himself since the forest industry already harvests millions of pine cones each year to get the seeds in order to grow new trees. Pine cones that would normally go to waste are now converted into natural and high efficient fire starters.

The Sustainable Fire Starter

These pine cones are harvested in Swedish forests. Every batch of pine cones can be traced back to the originating forest. The pine cones are processed in Höga Kusten, Sweden to release their seeds – seeds that become new trees. After the seeds have been removed, the pine cones become a waste product and thrown away. Those pine cones are now recycled by Kotten and turned into natural and highly efficient fire starters.

The candle wax comes from a candle factory in Hälsingland, Sweden where they make eco labled candles. During the manufacturing process, some candles become malformed and used to be thrown away. That candel wax is now recycled by Kotten.

The package is designed, manufactured and assembled in Sweden. Some of the packages are assembled by Scouts and Kotten makes a financial tribute to the Scout movement.

The leather handle on the box comes from recycled furniture. Out of one worn-out leather sofa, 17,000 handles are made!

Product Features

  • Choose our unique and environmentally friendly Scandinavian alternative to fire lighters.
  • Kotten is a 100% natural pine cone covered with organic melted candle wax which can be used during the cold winter to start a cozy fire or all year round to start your barbecue. It gives you a safe and healthy cooking.
  • The cones come in a beautiful presentation box of nine cones which makes for the perfect gift set. You might have heard of “lagom” that comes from Swedish. This could welll be an example where you care about nature and re-use resources and then again enjoy the luxury and warm feeling! Not too much not too little.
  • One single cone is required for either a roaring fire or to get your barbecue party started! You just place the cone “upside down” in the middle of your logs or charcoals and light! Couldn’t be simpler!
  • Buy one kit for your next summer party and introduce Hygge (Scandinavian cosyness) to your friends. You can also tell them the Kotten Story, you’ll find it below in Product Description.



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