Fitness – Organic Healthy Cooking ~ Quick and Easy in the Kitchen

Fitness – Organic Healthy Cooking ~ Quick and Easy in the Kitchen

Let me help you make healthy meals quick and easy. We all want to get in and get out of the kitchen and be healthy.



Manu & Peter Cooking says:

very interesting video. thanks

Esmeralda Leyva says:

Great video..I wanna look like you you are so pretty and fit. Ill keep trying your recipies!

Laura London Fitness says:

Thanks for sharing! Yes, you know I love gadgets. I love the pressure cooker, such a great time saver. Keep bringing the healthy on 🙂

Marisela Rodriguez says:

wow you have a great body!!! and i'm a female but i just had to say that!lol

KSJ0723 says:

I wish you were my mom! I would be eating healthy all year long!

Laura London Fitness says:

@Super30something Thank you very much! Yes, as long as you are getting the proper nutrition. There are many vegan athletes, my favorite protein powder is vegan and alkaline essante.organics/lauralondon

BunsenBurny says:

i got the same rice cooker ! haha btw really hot body and nice video!

Laura London Fitness says:

@Sexcgrl75 Thank you!!! Visit me on my Fitness Web site you can find the tab on the top of my YouTube Channel

Sandy Garcia says:

I do this already but I love the cooking ideas you share. Knowing what to eat, what to make ahead and portion control is a great help. I'm not a reheat or left over kind of girl but planning is a must. Please keep these videos coming there def useful. And tips on how u slim down please.:)

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