Fresh Prince – Vivians Healthy Cooking YUMMY

Fresh Prince – Vivians Healthy Cooking YUMMY

vivian cooks for uncle phill and the family but instead of the usual take aways its healthy food that tastes like crap lol



Bazil Joseph Toy Loy says:

Who finds and has always found the music for the ending credits of the Fresh Prince very catchy???

Dr. acula says:

that one guy who disliked the video..fuuuuuuuucckkkkk!

Man Last says:

ahhhh damn.

Man Last says:

I know how Carlton feels in this video.


It's funny how decades before television made eating healthy as a bad thing and fattening and junk food were the only way to go, but now in this decade everyone is going vegan and wanting to exercise and be healthy.

Sebastian Hernandez H. says:

What episode is this from

de'mario sarden says:

will: last ones go to chicken and waffles to eat! everyone ran XD XD XD lmfao

Antichrist2000 says:

Hillary didn't wear enough low cut tops in this show!

Ashley Thompson says:

<3 it haha

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