GROCERY HAUL ♥ (Plus some healthy cooking ideas!)

GROCERY HAUL ♥ (Plus some healthy cooking ideas!)

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gabriela romanof says:


themothe says:

i love this video. idk why someppl are so agreesive and rude. losers

Aliya M. says:

You should try to find a hummus without rapeseed oil. Rapeseeds in their original form are actually poisonous to humans so it has to be highly processed to make it edible but it is still detrimental to the body and is very inflammatory.

Hadia H says:

Sorry what is your job

xxKristinax1 says:

Do you Count calories?if yes,
How much calories are you eating?

Briana Gutierrez says:

For years I have been hooked on coffee nd of course I want to stop. Any tips love? Thanks!!

Health & Heldi says:

wow awesome

Keikilani Ho says:

I love waitrose!!! Shopped there quite a lot while I was in London.

Tori Mars says:

It's more expensive if you buy at waitrose and Mark and Spencer's. Go to a normal supermarket like Asda or Tesco and food is actually cheaper than in the US 🙂

Shannon Weirtz says:

What would you suggest as a dairy substitute for someone with a nut allergy?

M Osa says:

We also have those olive oil sprays in Spain, of course heheh

D. Koenigsegg says:

You should do another one of these!

Susan Brown says:

Great tips. Will definitely try to implement these ideas after the weekend,

Wano écO says:

Your Quinoa is from Bolivia. The farmers there are forced to cultivate quinoa for us and starve as they can't cultivate food for themselves. Besides the ingredients you read on the products you want to buy, I suggest you start considering their origin too. For quinoa I buy mine from French farmers, I'm sure there are some other places nearer from you. I agree with you : quinoa is great, and it is even greater to know that it can be grown in Europe !

Wano écO says:

Okay and next step will be to buy these beautiful veggies without plastic ! So many plastic in this video ! Too bad comparing to the quality of the informations you give for our health all along your channel.
But this was a video mostly about supermarket. Now could we talk about other places to buy veggies ? I'm sure you go there and i would love to hear you say it to the world 😉

Fruitbat says:

Hi Annie, i guess u care about the nature!? Why do u buy almost all of ur food in plastic???

beautyshelfie says:

How do you make almond milk at home?

tk2 Ktt says:

fruits and veg are super cheap in the markets in London, we usually don't tend to buy them in the grocery stores as they are very pricey

Tesneem Alkozai says:

we have olive oil spray here in Sydney too haha Australia 😀

Anisha xoxo says:

Are u from the uk or America?

EquinoX ReZ says:

you sound like a ignorant white girl who has no idea what she's talking about

Alicia Guzzy says:

So much plastic!

Moonbaby says:

Hahahaahahah no wonder you're spending so much if you're buying fruit and veg at Marks and Sparks!!!!! Tesco fruit and veg is perfectly good and far cheaper. Even better go to your local green grocer.

züleyha ceylan says:

so this was before she went vegan obviosuly,But there is also pasta rice etc,does she at them now cause I know she has a %100 raw diet

Natalie Holle says:

The way all the produce is packaged is so weird! Do all UK markets sell produce that way?? Seems so strange and unnecessary.

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