Healthy Cooking 1: Swiss Chard & Mushrooms Recipe: Celina Food Smarty

Healthy Cooking 1: Swiss Chard & Mushrooms Recipe: Celina Food Smarty

Healthy Cooking 1: Swiss Chard & Mushrooms Recipe: Celina Food Smarty

In this video Celina shows you and easy way how to cook Swiss Chard & Mushrooms.

It’s not only a smart way to cook but because of the nutrition and health benefits it’s smart food.

Foodsmarty Celina Jean, has a passion for very healthy food. Born in Austin and raised by parents who went “raw” before anyone knew what “raw” meant, Celina learned to appreciate ingredients not only for their delicious taste, but their healing properties as well. She combines a unique medical science background, a lifetime of nutrition and her deep love of cooking to create healthy, unique and thoroughly scrumptious cookies, pastries and pies. Her goal is to share her passion for foods that nurture and heal the body with as many people as possible.

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ade harris says:

if u add a bit of acidity e.g some lem8n zest it helps retain the nice colour

Doris Leyba says:

heres a suggestion, since the stalks are the toughest, cut those off the chard and cook those first, then add the leafs to keep its nutritional value. I watched this thinking I would be given some seasoning ideas. She didn't do that. Oh, and for Willy Wonka, her knife is designed for just that reason, to avoid cutting ones self.

Veronica Reed says:

Sounds really good. Thank you for posting this.

Willy Wonka says:

omg the way you hold things when you're cutting makes me cringe. i lost the corner of a finger that way. tuck those fingertips in!

Birdie Arnold says:

i'm sure your meal is great but dislike that you CONSTANTLY mention that it's great for cancer… to me it's a very negative association. Food is all good, it's just a matter of your thoughts/beliefs. Noteing that the cancer association only brings more energy to that belief/association… just my opinion…

Tuneinfreq says:

Love this thanks for sharing.

tabaks says:

Sure, whatever rocks your self-entitled little boat.

Stephanie L says:

Nitpicking is about being critical of inconsequential details. Being snarky about someone misspeaking ever so slightly is nitpicking. Pointing out to someone that they're nitpicking is not.

tabaks says:

Stephanie L, I could not agree with you more. BUt, I guess you could not help yourself nit-picking my comment, could you?

Stephanie L says:

It's obvious what she meant. People who nitpick are considered incredibly socially inept and annoying by everyone else.

tabaks says:

Mushrooms have "compounds for cancer"? Nice script, genius.

Geraldine Teichelman says:

Great recipe I luv Swiss chard

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