Healthy Cooking and Eating Well – Custard Apple

Healthy Cooking and Eating Well – Custard Apple

The Food Coach, Judy Davie looks at the custard apple, an interesting fruit that is highly nutritious and can be easily prepared and incorporated into many delicious meals. For more videos and information on healthy food and great recipes, visit



livesimplifiedlife says:

Does anyone know if this isΒ a sugar apple or an atemoya?

Jess Hicks says:

I've tried custard apple twice and both times it's been disgusting, but I never knew about the whole ripening thing, maybe I'll have to try again sometime

epicpolyphony says:

I just bought one of these (I'm in Dominica) and the woman I purchased them from called them "sweet apples", which I suppose is similar to the "sugar apple" name that is used in Barbados. Never tried them before though, so that will be interesting πŸ™‚

sengie thao says:

Actually the one in the video is a hybrid of the sugar appleXcherimoya, so it's actually an atemoya. A sugar apple has larger scale like bump, than the one in the video one and the inside is section, with a lot of seeds. Atemoya and chrerimoya has less seeds and more flesh than sugar apple. But, the Australian's like this lady, calls both cherimoya and atemoya custard apple.

twinkitten1 says:

called sugar apples in barbados

talha93taj says:

This looks heavenly good

adookapoor says:

You can grow them easily in Miami.

adookapoor says:

Custard apple seeds are crushed and used in shampoo or hair oil to get a healthy and shining hair.

adookapoor says:

In Pakistan and India its called Shareefa…..and they taste the best compare to anywhere else.

kiaora224 says:

I tried one for the first time today, although yummy, 80% of it had seeds πŸ™ hardly any flesh πŸ™

eloaxaqueno1 says:

They're called Chirimoyas in Mexico πŸ™‚

mikjq12 says:

How soft do they have to be before fulle ripe?

nonameisavailable says:

@meynard1 omg! *dies*

meynard1 says:

@nonameisavailable nicaragua lol well i let them rott :X

nonameisavailable says:

@MryanGXreturns I LOVE U

nonameisavailable says:

@meynard1 you have it in your YARD?!?!?!? OMG I am coming OVER!!! FUck wow… so you wake up and just go eat it??? DAMN!!! If I had that I would eat it day and night@@!! DAMNN!!! GIVE ME SOME> WHere you live?

Kelly Truong says:

i would kill to have one of these trees in my back yard

3NinJas3 says:

Mira el anon!!!

yasnignam32 says:

in the philippines we called it LABANA…I love this fruit.

raytheprinter says:

We had tree in Hialeah,,,nothing sweeter!

missdiva786 says:

i have custart apple in my backyard in jamaica

mi777ke777 says:


you are sooooo lucky!

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