Healthy Cooking and Eating Well – Leeks

Healthy Cooking and Eating Well – Leeks

The Food Coach, Judy Davie shows you how to prepare and cook leeks for use in healthy recipes. How do you slice a leek, or simply saute? Learn more in this short video.
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Alana Wilson says:

All vegetables are dirty before you wash them for a few reasons because no one ever washed them, delivery to your supermarket, and people constantly touching them while in the supermarket. It's always a good idea to wash your veggies and fruit before eating them.

AngelOfU2 says:

Never knew Leek were dirty until now. Certainly good to know.

abfabinri says:

She cut off too much of the root. The best part is nearest root, only cut the roots leaving as much of the white as possible.

MissLoveAndLight says:

Thanks for providing me the info on how to prepare the leek for my soup. Hehehe. 😉

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