Healthy Cooking & Baking Tips with Rapeseed Oil! UK Dietitian Nichola Whitehead

Healthy Cooking & Baking Tips with Rapeseed Oil! UK Dietitian Nichola Whitehead

Hey guys! Here’s a nutrition video for you this week all about rapeseed oil & which type to use for what. I also give you 4 ways of using rapeseed oil; in baking, roasting, a stir fry and as a salad dressing. I really hope you find it useful and enjoy it 🙂 Please do give it a thumbs up if you do! Nic x

Check out my blog post for the full recipes mentioned and nutritional stats too!

For more information on Rapeseed Oil, as well as recipes, check out this website:


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This video was filmed in collaboration with however all words spoken are my own and are 100% honest/factually correct at the time of filming; I personally use rapeseed oil in cooking and in baking. I do not promote products featured over others that are not featured. Please read my disclaimer page for more information:



ron donnis says:

i buy rapeseed oil over and over again i love it!!!!!!

Let's Bake It and More says:

Great video!!

Ben Mariam says:

Thanks for the wonderful video, beautiful Nichola!! You are absolutely right – those recipes could fool anyone!! They don't look very healthy, but look very delicious. So they can be used to "trick" people who are resistant to healthy recipes!! Like kids and those who think healthy foods are "useless"!! Thanks for sharing!!

Anna Dozier says:

Can you tell me where you purchased the oil spritzer / pourer that you use in the video? (Does it both spritz and pour oil? Maybe I'm misinterpreting that . . . ) Thank you!

tom smith says:

Do you have any vegetarian meals please

tom smith says:

I make your pizza all the time i love it

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