Healthy Cooking Classes

Healthy Cooking Classes

Writer/Producer: Kristy Vaughn

Nutrition cant be found from a drive-thru window. Wellness begins with the food items placed in a grocery cart. Eating fresh, whole foods from the grocery store or a local farmers market can be the difference between feeling energized or sluggish all day. But in our microwave society, often packaged and processed food becomes a cheap-and-easy substitute for nourishment. A healthy cooking class can inspire creativity in the kitchen through simple recipes anyone can prepare. The free or low-cost classes empower attendees with knowledge about healthier, more natural alternative to meals found in plastic packages, cans, or the frozen food section. A few discerning choices, coupled with basic preparation skills, can promote lifelong wellness and happiness.

Mangrove Health Institute in Naples
Adas Natural and Organic Foods Supermarket
Food and Thought Organic Market and Restaurant
Raw Food Life: Discover the Science of the Raw Food Lifestyle
Fruits and Veggies: More Matters from Produce for Better Health Foundation



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