Healthy Cooking for Children: Pizza Ball Recipe for Kids – Weelicious

Healthy Cooking for Children: Pizza Ball Recipe for Kids – Weelicious

Stuffed Pizza Ball Recipe: Who doesn’t like pizza? Excatly. . . No One! Here is a great recipe that you can make with your kids that both of you will love. Were there any left overs? Let us know. Post your comments below.

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T Walker says:

Ymmmy that's pizza was super cool well the milk and cheese flour

pxie msp says:

I'm not a big fan of traditional pizza…the thick crust is just DISGUSTING! I only like thin crust organic Parmesan and spinach pizza. I mean..someone has to be the food here.

Jiangang Yu says:

I like ur dress design

Kyle Cipher says:

I hate pizza

Famida says:

You're so great with your son, I loved watching this!

Raven says:

I don't like pizza.

Matt lincoln says:


Saim Rana says:

you look kinda like dove Cameron. Who agrees?

Nev Ena says:

There is 0 health in this

Makeezy The Spider-Man says:

Why do he have a knife

Ayana Mascarenhas says:

Why would she give a small kid such a big knife

Sabina Gashi says:

Love it and kid he having fun what great mom you are !!!!

Kainat Shahid says:

my sister never eat pizza

nayely says:

at the end when you said pizza you sounded like chica from fnaf

Malak Leftawi says:

I don't like pizza

Wigglebolt says:

Great recipe!

Wandy9441 says:

Isn't that dangerous for ur son to have a knife

Dionna Deshaies says:

The kid was playing with the dough. Also that knife… 0-0 but other than that I like the vid. I'll try to make it.

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