Healthy cooking – honey mustard grilled chicken

Healthy cooking – honey mustard grilled chicken

P. S the extra virgin olive oil can is used for visual purpose . ( extra virgin oil is used for salad dressing )
The oil which need to be used is cooking olive oil / or any cooking you prefer
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Nutrevival says:

Love your beauty videos, but hope to see more cooking videos 🙂

Sireesha Nijagal says:

Kuch rang erica ke aise bhi ….multitalented ,gorgeous, wonderwoman miss erica fernandesq

Annou 2 T says:

thats like half a recipe 🙂 how long to marinade? How do you cook it? fry…roast…bake…?

senjuti xoxo says:

and then what??..u merinated the chicken with sauce honey then how to cook or grill? what temp? how much time?

Aaliya Shah says:

Plz to more food video

anisha maria says:

Yummy I am watching this n I am hungry now.

royal royal says:

kuch rang pyar ke aisa bhi

Bhavika Sawant says:

i will try it for sure

my love 4mylove says:

i like this recipe nd ur voice also

k a says:

erica I love you from yemen good luck love you

k a says:

mashallah I like it

ashi dube says:

such a sweet voice…. <3 when you said thumbs up x')

shivesh india says:

will Dev and sona will get together

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