Healthy Cooking – How to Make Simple Kefir Ice Cream

Healthy Cooking – How to Make Simple Kefir Ice Cream

Simple Kefir Ice Cream recipe anyone can do! It’s a great way to introduce healthy probiotic culture into your diet the tasty way! You can even dress up this recipe with berry jelly, chocolate, peanut butter, or anything you want! Instructions below:

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2 eggs
¾ cup organic sugar (or 5 tablespoons raw honey)
2 cups milk kefir
1 cup kefir cream or heavy cream
2 tsp. vanilla extract


Beat eggs well; beat in sugar. Start with a conservative amount of sweetener and add in small increments to taste; keep in mind that the finished ice cream will be slightly less sweet than the kefir mixture before it’s frozen

Blend in milk kefir, kefir cream and vanilla.

Transfer to an ice cream maker and follow manufacturer’s instructions.

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LavenderplusRoses says:

I'm surprised at how much kefir you could make with so few kefir grains! It is very thick too!

J R says:

That's is a nice video. Very clear

I&W W says:

Great recipe! I have been making kefir now for a few moths. And now I will try and make kefir ice cream.
Thank you.

Janet Wachter says:

oh gonna make this for sure..ty

J. Coop says:

YAY!! This came out just in time for summer. Thank you so so much!!

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