Healthy Cooking: Lasagne Rolls

Healthy Cooking: Lasagne Rolls

As part of my weekend quickie series, I thought you guys might like to see some recipes! Let me know what you think!

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Michael Garza says:

stumbled across this, it's delicious! Try this if you have left over cheesy sauce stuff; about a half a cup of that with another handful of spinach and two or three eggs all scrambled up in the morning top it with a little of the tomato sauce…so good!

Amber Greer says:

made this, but as a lasagna instead. it was really good! great recipe!

mywelcomeinbox says:

Recipes? Yassss!

Amber Greer says:

i'll be making these next week. they look really good and delicious!

Amber Greer says:

yummy! I can't wait to make some! how long do they cook?

John Doe says:

Don't you use any herbs or spices?
And as many people stated before: This is NOT healthy cooking. I eat this kind of food all the time but if you say this is healthy you are probably comparing to fast food like mcd or kfc.

Amanda Nicole says:

yes, please do more of these!!

Alastar111 says:

Yes!! More cooking videos! Love you Ashley!!

Sweetheartxoxo27 says:

I would love to see you do more cooking videos and some baking too <3

Justine's World says:

Is there an alternative to riccota cheese

Michelle Giorgi says:

I love recipe videos 🙂 you could even make a title of them, like cooking with Ashley or something like that haha:)

Holly Bowman says:

More food videos!! 😀

Romy Winter says:

You remind me SO MUCH of my English teacher.. don't worry, she's the best teacher on earth!:D I've been thinking this since I first started watching your videos over a year ago, but when you stood there explaining how to cook, the similarity was even stronger… I have no idea why I'm telling you this :p Anywaaaays, great video, even if I don't like spinach and I'll never use this recipe, it was really entertaining!:D

yoleidy Lopez Serrano says:

You should deff do more videos like this one !!!

MunecaChic says:

That looks so gooood. I have to recreate it tomorrow

Hallie C says:

You should do more cooking videos! The recipe looks soooo good!

Rema Ghouleh says:

healthy recipes would be awesome

brazilianeyes13 says:

This seems really tasty…. But that is sooo far away from healthy… XP

Alexarose M. says:

Sudden low quality vids?

Eden M says:

so Canadians use Fahrenheit for cooking but not weather, interesting.

Christal Merrill says:

Do more cooking videos on both channels like every week!! Or do like cooking with me video which shows like what you eat every day for like a week!!! Thumbs this up so she can see it!!!

Alonzo H says:

do more cooking like pizza

TheRainbowMS says:

THANK YOU for the recipe ! you can do more cooking video please! XOXO from France 🙂

Jessica Hansel says:

You should do more of these cooking/baking videos they're awesome!

Isiah Roach says:

shit simple to make and it look delicious too

Evelyn W says:

more cooking videos!!!!! yess!!!!

Christopher Orton says:

Do more cooking love That

Victoria Moran says:

Yes! More food please! 😀

Maddie W says:

This looks delicious but in no way is this healthy

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