Healthy Cooking Lessons : How to Cook Tuna Steaks

Healthy Cooking Lessons : How to Cook Tuna Steaks

Cooking tuna steaks requires heating up a flavorless oil in a pan over medium heat, seasoning both sides of the tuna and cooking the tuna steak for about 45 seconds on each side in the pan. Avoid over cooking tuna steaks, and make sure the color is pink in the middle of the tuna, with advice from a private chef and caterer in this free video cooking lesson.

Expert: Gabi Moskowitz
Bio: Gabi Moskowitz works as a private chef and caterer, and began writing about cooking in July of 2008.
Filmmaker: Sam Lee



Slap-Ahoe Texas says:

Not trying to be racist but ive always wondered why so many white people love eating uncooked meat. ive tried it its disgusting.

Jim Chen says:

beef cook like this, chicken cook like this, even fish, why they are all just cooked in the same way ? This cooking culture is so poor

Just Me. says:

fuckin raw ?

Roman Yakovlew says:

это она только на камеру здоровую еду готовит , так жрет че попало походу

djbanger says:

What kind of bullocks video was that

tlessmo says:

Actually that works both ways stop being intellectually dishonest a simple google search would show many people who make sudden changes in their diets get sick even people switching to vegetarian.

Jessica Fiani says:

WOW its so complicated it will take 1 hour for me to make this 😮

Yaveyta says:

That's it? Salt and grill? Gosh was this worth a video?

Gideon Van Loggerenberg says:

wash your pan please

NYCrazyRob says:

Is there any reason you don't cook this type of fish all the way through, but you would cook most other fishes all the way through? O_o

Timmy JHook says:

Someone forgot to turn the shotgun mic off on the camera.

Jordy Castles says:


McChulo says:

Ask any doctor to tell you how to reverse heart disease. He will never tell you to stop eating fruits, vegetables nuts or seeds. They'd always say, stop with the animal products.

Carnivors don't get heart disease cuz they're eating what they''re supposed to.

Humans get heart disease when we eat what we're not designed to eat.

TLViolynn says:

if we were really meant to be vegetarians/herbavories we would have canines. The human body requires fat,wither you decide to eat a jar or skippy peanut butter or a steak. I think your body would get more use out of the steak then the jar of peanut butter.

Jordy Castles says:

raw fish.. I FUCKIN LOVE SUSHI!!

McChulo says:

I dare you to set out 5 plates. 1 with raw meat, 1 with a raw chicken leg, the other with a raw fish, another with raw veggies, and finally another with raw fruit.

You can only choose to eat what's on 1 plate. Which one do you choose instinctively?

Jordy Castles says:

you got it all backwards.. we season our vegetables and fruits with meat.

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