Healthy Cooking Recipe with Colin Wayne (salmon patties)

Healthy Cooking Recipe with Colin Wayne (salmon patties)

Healthy Cooking Recipe with Colin Wayne (salmon patties)

2 cans of Salmon
3/4 cup of Oatmeal
1/4 cup of Almonds
3 Omega 3 eggs

You can change the salmon for chicken or tuna, and still use this recipe.

Instrumentals- Stephen PR

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Samantha Flores says:

Loved this! Please make more of these videos, they are very helpful 🙂

Hidetoshi Yagi says:

Cool Colin! is the perfect food to keep healthy and good shape in the same time ! Thanks for share with us .

ASRV says:

Thanks for the shout out in your description. Great video!

oakley2001 says:

I can't wait to try this! I use to love when my mom made salmon patties and these seem really simple and healthy. The audio in the video could use some improvement, maybe some voice overs instead. Thanks so much for your service.

Stefan Tosic says:

Love your videos and constant uploads Colin!

Toni Curtsinger says:

Can't wait to try this recipe! More healthy cooking videos please!!

realdeal902 says:

Never seen these made before… quick and cheap! Thanks bro, appreciate ur time and effort

Brandie Suarez says:

You should use fresh wild fish

ASRV says:

Hat looks clean!

summerfall12 says:

Another variation of salmon patties. I make them all the time, The difference in mine is I used finely cut onions, celery ( even use a little green leaves from the celery) some small cut tomatos, , if I have them around. I use a little Italian bread crumbs ( they flavor a lot ) and only one egg.. I use olive oil to fry.. and fry till nice and crisp.. They are good even cold! 🙂

Leo Harvey says:

Thanks For Sharing, Most Definitely Gonna Try

K M says:

thanks for sharing .. please post some more ..

OTC says:

Hey Colin, thank you for your service man! I love salmon patties also….I can eat like 4-6 of them with some mash potatoes.

اغاني مميزة Music Distinctive says:

I love u s a

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