Healthy Cooking – Stuffed Cheesey Chicken Peppers

Healthy Cooking – Stuffed Cheesey Chicken Peppers

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This is just one of the meals , i’m learning to prepare at FPS Boot Camp

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Bunnylow says:

Cheese ain't really healthy lol. Sure does make things taste better though

Sweg aholics says:

omg those look fucking delicious

Arno Betts says:

Oh man back in the good ol' days

Jamie Crisp says:

Sounds good. But the chicken didn't look done to me. Still looked pink. Maybe it was the light.

Karb Onkel says:

im still using this. thank you jordie!

You gotta be kiddin me says:

get rid of that shirt lmao

Mike Gray says:

im actually using this video to make this for dinner lmao!

migrayn says:

This is NOT healthy. Cut out the cheese, cut out the salt. At least he baked it and did not throw it in batter and deep fry it. Pus, the size of that thing would not fill me up, and I weigh about 215 pounds less than him.

Logan McFarland says:

i actually what to try that sometime

xxxmakezzxxx says:

how much is 400 degrees in celsius?

Jordan Toole says:

Damn wings you almost burn the shit out of Kyle's counter top xD

You gotta be kiddin me says:

That's a lot of cheese on the chicken lol, If you want it to be healthy, ditch the cheese and you've got a healthy meal. 

mdice42 says:

I think a little more garlic powder, you barely put any in it.

TheSkeezedHerman says:

This may sound like a stupid question but is the chicken raw

Daniel Da Cunha says:

For somebody your size this meal seems a bit small. You say your working out everyday so I think adding one more pepper would be fine. I'm saying this because I dont think this meal would fill you up, I know it wouldn't fill me up.

meng says:

wow im actually set on making these now. thanks man!

Alejandro Pavajeau says:

How is high fat, low carb cheese and chicken healthy for you? Try the opposite. High-carb, low fat and watch your body shrink.

bracamonte26 says:

Honestly we need more wings cooking videos


Nice video wings keep making these! 

mSeXpErT says:

Shoulda put cayenne pepper from the start might help speed metabolism

KikPlayz says:

More food making videos Wings that looks AWESOME!

wellgucci says:

add rice at bottom of it and grill it thats how ive been making them for years 

Waddles says:

iv'e eating this 3 times since this video came out 

cad0042 says:

The people in the comments need to learn what a low carb diet is.

tra789 says:

youre trying to lose weight but youre eating cheese with olive oil on it? LMAO

shavingculture says:

Cheese yea good low fat food if you want to lose weight cook the chicken in water don't use oil and cheese for god sake this guy is a idiot that's a lot of fat

nubby621 says:

…. The point is protein n low calories. The carbohydrate is another source

MrLucky131996 says:


aseroxmilez says:

get rid of the cheese and you will have healthy cooking.

OP Cruzer says:

This isn't healthy lmaoo

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