Healthy Cooking: Top 10 Tips – Nutrition by Natalie

Healthy Cooking: Top 10 Tips – Nutrition by Natalie

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Top 10 Healthy Cooking Tips
Nutrition by Natalie

Here are 10 simple tips that you can use in the kitchen to make more healthy foods; lose the calories and fat, not the taste.

By replacing unhealthy foods with healthy alternatives in a recipe, you can cook healthy food, reduce fat, increase nutrients, lower calories and improve your diet.



shevelin sandra d says:

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Cesar Armando Escobar Posada says:

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Artur Kosedal says:

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Shamaila Wahla says:

Great info for both food snobs and gym rats that love to cook!

charakageeth says:

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TrekGirl91 says:

I loved this video. It is easy to find out what you shouldn't eat, but few sites or videos tell you good substitutions. Thanks for uploading!

rollopoloboy says:

This girl could be lying and I wouldn't care!

Mabel Able says:

Thanks. Great info. I like the cream replacement. I'd love to try that one. I am a very cheap good cook and foodie. Lots of my food close to fat free (so you can "afford" to have some home made cookies, ice cream whatever you like once in a while) Some of my secret weapons: miso paste, fish sauce, nut pastes (home made or store bought), soup, tea, braising…

KeralaAyurvedaAcademy says:

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Sweet – sugar, honey, rice, pasta, milk, etc.
Sour – lemons, hard cheese, yogurt, vinegar, etc.
Salty – salt, any salty food
Pungent – chili peppers, cayenne, ginger, any hot spice
Bitter – leafy greens, turmeric, lettuce, etc.
Astringent – pomegranate, beans, lentils, etc.
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sami ammar says:

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Jason Titus says:

Oh Great Natalie, Nice one
Healthy Cooking RECIPES bit. ly/YYaEqt

Jessica Adams says:

I luv did vids

Cosmin Hutanu says:

I have a question, have you heard of this method called the SkinniMaker Diet? (look it up on google). My cousin says it helps people melt fat.

Sacratease says:

Cooking something with yogurt in it kills the yogurt bacteria

jony54ful says:

Oh hey! Have you considered intellectus 424 diet (just google it)? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my cousin lost crazy amounts of weight with it.

mickycheese27 says:

IT's so pleasant looking at her beautiful face

gunnardt says:

omg, american nutrition is so broke…

Akalanka Yapa says:

Hey! Have you thought about intellectus diet (google intellectus424dietcom)? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my cousin lost crazy amounts of weight with it.

Pratik Lo says:

all your vids are very insightful. thanks for sharing such precious info. you inspire me to make my life better!! 🙂

The Giant Machine says:

Thumbs up if you think Natalie Butler (Austin, TX) should have her own goddess website!

Livi Comfort says:

how bout just not eating cake? just eat the cake from the store once a year. ^^

Livi Comfort says:

how bout just not eating cake?

hodgrix says:

@artifiser agreed. i like her substitutes for flour and sugar, as those are processed ingredients, and i also skim of the fat of soups and the like, but i think her reduced fat options for butter and cream and mayo are unecessary. mayo is eggs oil and vinegar; how is that bad for you? yes it's fattening, but you need fat, especially the good kind. Trying to reduce the calories of something just for the sake of it will only make you want whatever it is more.
so go butter!

hodgrix says:

store bought vegetable broth? how not fab.
i wonder how much salt they put into that stuff. use really good homemade vegetable stock.

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