Healthy Cooking with Cast Iron

Healthy Cooking with Cast Iron

In making healthier choices I have switched to using mostly cast-iron pans for cooking. In this video I share how to clean, care for, and keep your cast-iron pans in good order.



Jimmy Miller says:

cook me. 2 pork chop and vegetables thk u

Jimmy Miller says:

thk u you make cleanin the skillet easy I drive a truck I do it that way cleanin easy for me

Chosen Seed of Israel says:

I can't imagine not washing my cookware…just doesn't seem sanitary.

nmssis says:

after frying up fish, does the fishy smell and taste still there if you don't use soap?

Sharon La Tour says:

I've always heard not to use soap.I always use hot water, then dry really well, then dry some more on stove, then oil. I love my cast iron! Your breakfast looks good!! I like your video very much!

Healthy Cast Iron Cooking says:

Great video!

Sheila Agado says:

I appreciate the fact you didn't need use a pound of grease, butter or oil to cook the eggs. I use too much myself and my pans are well seasoned. Good video. 

barb coll says:

Very good video, great job showing details!

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