Healthy Cooking With My Girlfriend – Day 40

Healthy Cooking With My Girlfriend – Day 40

My Girlfriend has decided to eat healthier. So in this vlog video you will see some of her cooking. The food is actually really healthy but I really don’t like a lot of vegetables so I don’t eat with her lol.

This was Day 40 of my daily vlog. I hope you all enjoy!!
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Purpleemonkey33 says:

The ending was probably so awkward between them two…

Ok but like says:

I love your vlogs and I hope more people can support both of your channels. 🙂

legacy says:

i love all ur videos

CoolBricksSayHello says:

Silly Landon, 'lack of not eating'=eating 😛

Sofiya Mazharuddin says:

Damn is that your place dude?

LPS LazyProductions says:

What her name yo 🙂

tylet chace says:

Steal it ''EH''

cusifeltlikeit says:

The more ranch or dressing you put on your salad, the more you cancel out the healthiness

Derek Cunningham says:

Who the fuck watches this?! You have no vocabulary and you talk as though you're boarder line retarded.

TheJacky2084 says:

Your girl is beautiful! She also seems very sweet.

SaltWood says:

Fucking haters gonna hate, at least landon has a girlfriend unlike you haters who fucking do NOT have a girlfriend!

williss11 says:

Man thats so cool! I didnt know you had a girlfriend haha i felt hungry just then too. Lucky guy eh. Anyways pay no mind to the haters comment you know how the internet is and they just love to riot. Glad i subscribe i never knew you were a salid person lol

faviola fuentes says:

Great vid ! Hope we get to see u nd gf on other vids real soon 🙂

RedVelvetCupcake27 says:

She is so beautiful. You and her look so cute together. I wish you many years of happiness.

ronnie check says:

Awh you guys are cute ♡

Joe C says:

Oh god ur a nerd

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