Healthy Cooking with the Instant Pot | EP38 Camper Van Life

Healthy Cooking with the Instant Pot | EP38 Camper Van Life

We share what it’s like to cook in a camper van, prepare healthy meals, and Kait shares one of her Instant Pot recipes.

Instant Pot Duo Mini

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More About This Video

People often ask what it’s like to cook in the an RV, especially a small camper van. In this video we share a slice of van life: cooking edition.

For food storage, we keep many produce on the counter and in the small fridge. It’s good to know what fresh produce need to be in the fridge to help maximize space. With proper planning, we go grocery shopping once a week.

The number one kitchen gadget we use is the Instant Pot Duo Mini This electric pressure cooker is perfect for van life and use it two to three times a day. Not only do we make healthy meals in the Instant Pot, but we also make healthy food for our dog. There are some great Instant Pot recipes to help you with easy dinner ideas.

Kait shares one of her healthy meals in the Instant Pot: quinoa stew with wild salmon. Joe talk about how he was able to loose weight and the transition to healthy eating.

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We're the Russos says:

What’s your favorite cooking gadget? We love our Instant Pot:
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Teri N says:

Great video-very informative. Thank you!

Kathryn Cleveland says:

What's the difference between the Instant Pot and a rice cooker?

Shelley Pitchford says:

Looking forward to your cookbook, Cait! Does Leo eat after you eat?

Paul A. Jackson says:

we look forward to your IP cook book! When we cook Q we do it for 1 minute, you did it for 5???? I know you had beans or something else as well as Onion and Carrot in, is that why the 5 minutes? You left me hanging!

Vivek Sharma says:

#59312 is my subscriber no.

Janet McAlpine says:

Hi WTR — I read your book a week or so ago and really enjoyed it. I've binged all of your van life vids and think they are are great also. I got so excited to see that you are using an Instant Pot in your van. I love mine and it's coming with me when I hit the road later this year. Keep up the good work and thanks!

Y C says:

What was in the can you added to the recipe?

loborob says:

Good stuff. Thank you and I appreciate it.

hari krishnan says:

Good Day..
Can you tell us how would you manage money when you are in travel(like kind of jobs or any other sources which you do or suggestions).
Thanks in advance. 🙂 🙂

Frank Trump says:

You're not eating farmed salmon are you if you are quit that stuff's not good for you you want wild salmon

Howard Scott says:

Your can opener was given to soldiers for opening K-rations during the wars and still issued today

Alley Gal says:

Love my instant pot too! Going to copy your recipe, Thanks!

Uwe Schroeder says:

If you rub the eggs with mineral oil, you don't have to refrigerate them Nobody in Europe refrigerates eggs, but that's because they're not washed and therefor have a protective waxy coating. Eggs in the US are washed, thus removing the coating and allowing bacteria to penetrate the egg. So coat them with oil and you're good for a few weeks, or find local farms along the way who sell you eggs right from the chicken without treating them.
Keep in mind, neither refrigerating nor coating the eggs helps when you got an egg that's infected with salmonella. That happens INSIDE the chicken before the shell forms. Europeans vaccinate their chickens, so they don't have the problem. In the US you should fully cook eggs unless you know where they come from. Pastured eggs should be ok. Usually the entire salmonella thing comes from mass farming chickens in tight quarters.

Dennis Clark says:

i love my pressure pot

Nonna Lovelace says:

Do you have a vlog on what you make for Leo to eat? I cook food for my dogs and want to compare.

john nielsen says:

what size is your Instapot?

Lillian Walker says:

cup holder has a small bottle, What is it? I know the middle one is a bottle of wine.

Lillian Walker says:

Looks delicious! I’m going to cook fish tonight. You inspired me.

Rocki5pr says:

Great, informative video!! Also, … depending on your "storage ability/space" and how frequently you want to eat them, eggs do not need to be refrigerated (will last from weeks to months without going bad depending on who you ask) so there is possibly more room available in your refrigerator …

Shelley Kay says:

Joe, 2 questions … what brand electric kettle do you have and same question for your insulated coffee mug. Thanks!

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