High Efficiency Construction Waste Crusher Need Quality Components

High Efficiency Construction Waste Crusher Need Quality Components

Different functions lead to different results. There are several key components with the unique functions installed on the Construction Waste Crusher. We should make the best use of these functions in order to improve the jaw crusher’s working efficiency and reducing production cost as much as possible. Today our experts will share with you some tips on how to improve the quality of components and parts of the construction waste crusher. 1.The frame of the construction waste crusher is the core part which occupies about 39% of the whole machine’s weight. So when we focus on reducing the weight of the frame, we will surely reduce the manufacturing cost. 2.The moving jaw is the main part of the crusher to produce crushing stroke. Its structure is not possible to change since being adopted for years. So if we want to improve the performance, we should try to change the moving features of the jaw.

The abrasion degree of the toothed plate of the Construction Waste Crusher has much to do with the crushing cavity formed by the fixed toothed plate and swing tooth plate. The best way to reduce the weight of the toothed plate is to improve the cavity’s shape. 4.To reduce the weight of the flywheel will reduce the production cost. 5.The length of the jaw crusher’s bracket is the main parameter for users to consider. It has much effect on the crusher’s technical functions and main engine. So it may help to improve the crusher’s performance by lightening the weight of the bracket.

With the strong potency dimension of environmental protection from the government, the development concept of harmonious coexisting of companies and the environment provides a good chance for the crusher. Our company made a certain progress in the recycling of waste resources, adopt professional sand maker, crushing machines and stone production line in order to cater for the customers’ demands, integrate the environmental protection concept of energy saving and consumption reduction into the research and development of the equipment on the basis of constant innovation, and finally we successfully launched the energy-saving, environmentally-friendly sand and stone production line with advanced design concept which has great significance and strategic meaning to the development and construction, environmental protection and sufficiently making use of waste resources.



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