How To Steam Vegetables – Healthy Cooking

How To Steam Vegetables – Healthy Cooking

As a swim suit model it is imperative that I eat healthy. Here I show you how to cook a super healthy dish of steamed vegetables. Leave your comments below! (Watch in HD)





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Chris Cts says:

Is that one meal?!

Aston Dacus says:

He seems like the type to reject a woman cause of her body fat percentage…

iMobiles Insta says:

Wasted 3 minutes on watching it

carrotadrian says:

he looks like bam margera

Graydon Buchleiter says:

Did anyone watch this for the cooking? I didn't.

cool cat says:

stop throwing things, rinse the vegetables more, change condescending/laid back voice it's annoying

Elaine Ebays says:

Guys, he is a model for hire, its a good marketing stunt.
Plus he's actually sharing something.

Anabella Fachtous says:

damn he's HOT!

jan natural says:

You've got a great body and you are valuable as other ö does not give everyone on your life is better than from all other living beings in the world look also my videos with vegetarian rice

Suzette Stachiw says:

No salt ! Lol.

Mr.Nice Guy says:

when you eat healthy you don't need a shirt

Razan says:

you need a bigger knife

Linda Charron says:

so was he trying to show off, or to show how to cut veggies. I guess after he showed off his body and realized he was freezing he had to go put some clothes on.

Ben Griffith Productions says:

salt causes one to gain water weight, that is why he does not recommend salt i imagine

Gwegory22 says:

wheres your shirt idiot?

Jay hyler says:

I really like the video and it is very informative, but didn't anyone else feel he was looking into your soul with his creeper eyes. That was like the best way I could say thank you.

Shakaama says:

yeah I bought flaxseed seeds, and a mill. is this what i use it for?

Shakaama says:

oh wow, after reading the comment I was expecting him to be ugly. I'm no querrio, but this white boy is hotter than Africa. Hair, face, body, he's rocking it. I have no idea why  he doesn't have 40 million views, but I guess haters have power.

StrasnusDude says:

dont you have a shirt?

James Main says:

Put a shirt on, you wanker. Umm…good demo.

saywhat?! says:

that's what we do!

Azila Hussain says:

catering revision going well

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