How To Steam Vegetables Stupid Easy Healthy Cooking Show With Corrina Rachel

How To Steam Vegetables Stupid Easy Healthy Cooking Show With Corrina Rachel

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How To Steam Vegetables Stupid Easy Healthy Cooking Show With Corrina Rachel

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Featuring Corrina Rachel

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Hidden Kitten says:

good. thank god she did not pop it in the microwave. so American. lol steaming in the toaster oven ….good.

Pavel Rahl says:

There is no "radiation" coming off of a microwave.

Durrea Hamdani says:

u r so cute & honest, honestly telling each & every step ,but why were you not washing veges with tap water it's not a good sight to look at washing dirty veges with little quantity of water …. thanks

Abdullah Qumper says:

you really 'stuiped' with all my respect… and I like you very much
thanks for the tips

Michelle Weiss says:

Hi there & thank you SO much for the outstanding content in your videos!! One thing that is VERY distracting is the music playing while you are talking. I would much rather just listen to you. Thanks again for all your great tips!

Keke Lyon says:

Stir-fried vegetables taste better than steamed vegetables. It's not that hard to make either. You just need a little bit of cooking oil. Soy sauce is optional. Stir-frying is also faster than steaming.

super duper says:

I used to enjoy it. Now it becomes a chore as I grow older. I'm sick of eating the same 'ol food being on a fixed income. Adding that food costs has gotten ridiculously high which has taken the joy out of cooking. I avoid fast food haunts unless it's 'Chinese'. Oh well…

ahmadbilal akbary says:

gr8 !! but plz tell me the time for mirco oven as well

virkevan2006 says:

I eat all my fruits and veggies raw in a veggie bowl. Then instead of store bought dressing, I drizzle on unrefined organic coconut oil with a dash of sea salt, onion powder, garlic powder, and Italian seasoning. I eat it this way everyday. So good. I also rotate my fruits and veggies so I do not get bored with the exact same thing everyday. Plus I make sure that the fruits and veggies are local and organic. I love the farmers market.

virkevan2006 says:

I bake sweet potatoes like a regular tater and they are so awesome in flavor and from what I researched, so much healthier than regular taters.

DTHUGisdashit says:

great video, i use coconut oil instead of butter unless i think it will ruin the recipe, it's much healthier and gives you more energy

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