Iron Ore Process Flow

Iron Ore Process Flow

Iron Ore Processing Flowsheet production line is a production of construction sand and stone dedicated production line equipment than traditional sand making energy savings of 50%. It can sand a variety of rock, sand and gravel, river pebbles made to meet the requirements of various size building sand, sandy uniform particle size, high strength, than natural sand, ordinary sand hammer machine production more compliance with building requirements, can enhance the quality of construction. Device with reliable performance, reasonable design, easy operation and high efficiency. Through the vibrating sieve to give the needs of a variety of specifications stone, sand after sand washing machine efficiency via artificial iron ore crushing production line via a feeder, respectively, into the (sand making machine, crusher) after jaw crusher get your needs finished sand. Our concentrator generally coarse broken, the broken and thin broken three-stage crushing process crushing iron ore. Coarse broken more than 1.2m or 1.5m with a jaw crusher, the broken and fine broken use the cone crusher broken using the 2.1m or 2.2m standard cone crusher, fine broken 2.1m or 2.2m short head using Cone Crusher. Through a coarse broken ore, its fragmentation is not greater than 1m, and then through the medium and fine crushing and screening into the ore particle size of less than 12mm final product send grinding groove.

Iron ore crushing material properties

Iron ore characteristics: containing all economic use of iron ore is called iron ore. There are more than ten kinds of iron minerals in nature. Industrial significance of Iron Ore Processing Plant minerals are mainly magnetite, hematite and hematite illusion; followed by siderite, limonite, etc. Iron ore is an important raw material of steel producers, generally less than 50% grade iron ore beneficiation need to go through in order to take advantage of smelting. Because of poor iron ore more (97.5% of total reserves) and with (total) students have multiple other components integrated mine (total reserves of 1/3), so most of them are required before smelting crushed , grinding, magnetic separation, flotation, elected gradually re-election and other procedures iron.

Ore Marble Crusher And Grinding process is preliminarily crushed into fine shape for the next procedure by physical method of iron ore and impurities are separated. Under normal circumstances, the use in the first-stage crushing jaw crusher or cone crusher, ball mill crushing in the second-stage crushing. Crusher is the ore extrusion or impact crusher broken equipment. Its crushing process is required first crushed ore crushing chamber loaded, hammer then collide with the ore, and also mutual impact between the ore, the impact force of the material to rise and fall when crushed ore. Ball is the only ball to use crushed ore crushing equipment, crusher compared with its smaller diameter, cylinder longer, finer pulverized material. Broken raw material in the separation process is divided into a useful minerals and impurities. Separation equipment Separation equipment from the use of different physical properties (re-election equipment, magnetic separation equipment, flotation equipment) and screening equipment constituted according to a combination of different size requirements.

Ease of handling and from the viewpoint of dust, usually a wet process above separation operation is separated into a slurry concentrate must therefore be dewatered. Dewatering filter cloth is to concentrate slurry dewatering filter, as a filter device, widely used in vacuum filter. However, if this approach was filtered, the cake moisture after dewatering difficult to control than 9%. In addition, in the fine ore and equipment in case of high residual moisture will be higher. In recent years, some began to use air pressure or hydraulic pressure pressurized filter, it can reduce the moisture to about 8%. Looking to the future steel production and iron ore production, beneficiation process to improve the grade of ore, mineral processing as the focus of the development work steadily. Our company is the country’s leading mineral processing equipment production base, set the development, production, process design integration, users are welcome to plant inspection advice.



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