JUSTOP 3 Pcs Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Skillet Frying Pan Set Non-Stick Indoor/Outdoor Pans

JUSTOP 3 Pcs Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Skillet Frying Pan Set Non-Stick Indoor/Outdoor Pans


Material: Non-Stick Cast Iron

Coating: Pre-Seasoned


X-Large Pan:

 – Skillet Width: 25.6cm
 – Height: 5.2cm
 – Weight: 2.2kg

Large Pan:

 – Skillet Width 20cm
 – Height: 4.4cm
 – Weight: 1.3kg

Medium Pan:

 – Skillet Width: 15.8cm,
 – Height 3.3cm
 – Weight: 0.7kg

Precautions for Frying Pans:

– Using and Drying Cast Iron CookwareCompletely

Cast Iron will rust if it is not driedimmediately after washing. Start by towel drying your cookware. Then place iton the stove over low heat for a minute or two to pull out any remaining moisture.If desired lightly coat your cast iron pan with oil and heat for a minute ortwo longer.  This will help restore anyseasoning that might be lost during washing.

– How to Clean Cast Iron

Wash your Cast Iron Frying Pan in hotwater immediately after use. Due to concerns over bacteria, we recommendwashing with soapy water-though there are many cast iron users who feel it isbest to stick with water only. Whichever you choose, be sure not to scrub toovigorously and do not submerge the pan completely in water. This could damagethe seasoning on the pan.

Package Contents:

3Pcs Pre-Seasoned Non Stick Cast Iron Fry Pans

Product Features

  • 3Pcs Pre Seasoned Non-Stick Cast Iron Fry Pans, Disa Technology mould, smooth andbeautiful smooth, with healthy nonstick coating
  • It can be used on light fire andinduction cooker, such as gas, electric, ceramic, halogen, solid fuel,induction cookers etc.
  • Rapid and efficient cooking, Ideal for making BBQ, fried potatoes,scrambled eggs, hash brown, steaks etc.
  • Traditional cast iron construction, Pre-seasoned with natural oils. This fry pan has 2 spouts for pouring excessive oil.
  • Hand wash only, this pan should be cleaned with hot water and Towel dried after using.



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