Large Fine Crusher Is Introduced

Large Fine Crusher Is Introduced

Large fine white cement production line can be used in road construction, water conservancy, construction, mechanism of sand, refractories, ceramics and other fields, compared with the small fine crusher, large fine crusher can produce scale effect, more suitable for large-scale machining requirements, large finely machined out of the finished product granularity is more thin, known as crushing fineness highest finely equipment at present. Our company specializing in the production of various types of large fine crusher, the company will according to the needs of users for the user configuration appropriate specifications of fine crusher equipment, can also according to customer demand for the user configuration corresponding crushing production line, ensure users get the best production yield.

The working principle of the crusher

Vertical clay sand raymond mill work: material by machine upper vertical fall into a high-speed rotating impeller, under the action of centrifugal force at high speed, and the other part with umbrella form distribution near the impeller material to produce high speed impact and crushing, the material after crash into each other, and between the impeller and casing to form vortex repeatedly hit each other, friction material and crushing, from the bottom to discharge, forming closed-circuit circulation many times, controlled by the screening equipment to achieve the required finished product granularity.

Crusher Performance Characteristics

Vertical crusher for manganese ore is broken than large, biggest broken ratio can reach discharging granularity can be adjusted, and is not affected by plate hammer, liner wear; Article screen Settings, the broken high water content and silt content of material is not easy to jam; Enter not broken by the elastic adjusting mechanism can automatically discharge, not cause equipment damage; Bearing horizontal layout, long life, can break high temperature materials (such as cement clinker); Turn the native daughter structure is unique, materials, broken turn daughter almost don’t wear; Cavity after the establishment of a screw or hydraulic open institution, not the main equipment, wearing parts can be easily replaced. Crusher mainly include the structure parameters and working parameters, to clear the difference between the two. In order to keep the compound pendulum jaw crusher movement reliability and economy, must be determined correctly in the design of its structure parameters and working parameters, and as the base to calculate parts strength. The structure parameters of compound pendulum jaw crusher is our design size on the basis of its main components, mainly includes: ride height; Crushing cavity height; The stem length.

Professional crusher manufacturers, the preferred crusher manufacturer. Our company main products are jaw crusher, vertical crusher, counterattack crusher, roll crusher, mobile crusher, and other products, types are divided into: compound pendulum pendulum with Jane. Has been widely used in electric power, petrochemical, metallurgical and other nearly thousand enterprises, at home have higher visibility, and exported to overseas. Vertical crusher is my company introduction of foreign advanced technology, comprehensive and optimize the domestic mature production technology and operation experience, developed a new generation of crusher series products, reliable performance, easy operation, low energy consumption, large output, high efficiency, the user’s consistent recognition and application.



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