Lazy & Healthy Cooking Tips: Vegetables

Lazy & Healthy Cooking Tips: Vegetables – Healthy cooking doesn’t have to be complicated! Here are a few easy, easy, easy ways to cook veggies that taste delicious!



Sam Torney says:

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Mayshad Woman says:

Nice video. Get more information about healthy cooking recipe and tips on

Sherley's_ livingahealthylife says:

Ginger, thanks for the recipes. I. Love vegetables cooked, as juices or raw.

Noamaan Mohammed Khan says:

Great tip Ginger. This is exactly what I was looking for. Healthy and lazy cooking. Thanks a lot 🙂

Eldin Sanajleh says:

too much green ……… wheres the meat videos at!!!?

najma103 says:

Waooooo i love it….must have to try….great and simple…thanks

NazBanoo says:

I love the way you do it ,,,,, 
Nice …..

Ginger Vieira says:

Hi there! I highly recommend you take a look at the work of folks like Dr. Peter Attia, Dr. Bernstein, Gary Taubes, and Mark Cisson to learn more about fats. In the 1970s, rabbits were fed high-fat diets (rabbits are vegetarians and threfore not programmed to actually make use of fat) and thus got sick…which lead to a study saying "Humans shouldn't eat fat"…even though the study was never done properly on humans! Read up on those names I listed!

Ginger Vieira says:

Hi Addy! I personally would pair any veggies (any night of the week) with a source of grassfed protein such as steak, chicken, pork. As for eating them in sets or together, it doesn't matter to me! Fill a plate with a variety of delicious veggies and great protein, and I'm happy!

Addy Vazquez says:

I see that you cooked these vegetables in sets do you eat them together? Also do you combine something else with these vegetables? Please reply as I just started learning how to cook healthy and prepare food. Thank you for sharing these easy recipes!

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