Make Your Own Healthy Cooking Spray

Make Your Own Healthy Cooking Spray

What’s in that store bought cooking spray anyways? Propellants, preservative and a few cents worth of cheap, unhealthy oil. All you need is a great spray bottle and some high quality olive oil and water to make your own! No more hydrogenated, trans., rancid, cheap oils for you!

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Simply Raising Arrows with Samantha says:

Made mine and love it!!!! Never getting a can spray again and got a bottle at fresh thyme it was perfect.

Pauline Fox says:

Love it. I felt exactly the same about the aerosol sprays but I found olive oil in a pump spray and so we just refil it when it runs out! Easy. Don’t do the water though just stick olive oil in by itself.

Anna P says:

Oh Gosh, I really like You, You are like a good sister or aunt, where I wanna always go to visit. Thank You, Im staying with You.

Lindy Johnson says:

Have the same funnels and Sally Organics spray bottle too! Lol

But I use a Misto (no – aerosol) for my cooking spray. Love it, and I can use straight olive oil… Got it on Amazon too 🙂

Emma T says:

why do you need the water? couldnt you just spray 100% oil? or would that clog up the sprayer maybe?

Paula Garcia says:

Does this keep indefinitely?

Sandy Rees says:

Have you considered becoming an Amazon affiliate? This is the second video in a row I would have liked a link to find an item.

Sandy Rees says:

Have you ever had trouble with your sprayer clogging up? I love this idea.

ButtonsMom100 says:

Awesome tip, where do you get the olive oil?

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