Mr Fothergill’s 24800 Garden Time Grow you Own Pesto Kit – Green

Mr Fothergill’s 24800 Garden Time Grow you Own Pesto Kit – Green

Discover the enjoyment of growing… fresh pesto in the kitchen every day.Place the compost pellet into a ceramic bowl and add 150ml of warm water after about 3 minutes you will have enough compost to fill the mortar. The compost pellet contains all the nutrients required for healthy plants sow half the seeds by pushing them gently under the surface of the compost, the remaining seeds can be used next time. Place the mortar in a room or on a windowsill with enough light and warmth (20ºC), ensure the compost remains moist.The seeds will usually germinate after approximately 10 days when the plants are 4-5cm high, they can be thinned out by carefully removing all but the 3 strongest plants.This allows the herbs to have plenty of room to develop well.
If you are completing the thinning process after May, the seedlings which have been removed can be planted outside  (spaced 20cm apart), directly into the garden, patio pots or window boxes
Contents: pestle & mortar, organic basil seeds, compost pellet, sowing instructions and recipe. Easy pesto recipe: Serves 2Ingredients
25g/1oz basil leaves15g/½oz pine nuts15g/½oz parmesan, grated1 small clove garlic 40ml olive oil Ground black pepper and salt
Method1. Heat a small frying pan over a low heat and toast the pine nuts until golden, shaking the pan occasionally.2. Place the toasted pine nuts in a mortar and gently crush them.3. Add the garlic clove and parmesan, and crush to a paste.4. Add the basil leaves a handful at a time and crush to combine them with the other ingredients.5. Add the olive oil and season to taste.

Delicious as a topping for Bruschetta, a marinade for olives or in pasta dishes.

Product Features

  • An easy to use grow you own pesto kit, pestle and morter included
  • Organic Basil seeds
  • Perfect to discover the enjoyment of growing
  • Easy to grow, fun to use.
  • Perfect for beginners and experienced gardeners alike.



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