Mushroom Steak from WICKED HEALTHY – Cooking with Monami Frost

Mushroom Steak from WICKED HEALTHY – Cooking with Monami Frost

Join and watch me attempt to make this epic Mushroom Steak.
Recipe from Wicked Healthy.
Instagram – @wickedhealthy
Derek Sarno Instagram – @dereksarno

In this recipe I used –
Brown Oyster Cluster Mushrooms
Steak Seasoning mix

Thank you for watching!

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Nastia Herondale says:

Ееееебой, чувствую, что это очень вкусно

Isabel Simao says:

Hi!Monami is "my son" in kimbundu (african language)in Angola se speak portuguese and also we have the mattern language and kimbundu is one of those language

Lena lala says:

Thank you so much for all your inspiring videos, I always wanted to change my diet and you've motivated me so much to just do it and now I feel so good in my body thank you❤

Lara Fruehwald says:

Mushrooms?! Try to pimp Aubergines, you'll freak out about what you can do to them.

Drina Arteaga says:

Omg u scared me with all ur tattoos

Lauren Arias says:

A good place to find all different sorts of mushrooms is at Asian grocery stores. I've seen these kind specifically at the MD Oriental market in Florida ☺

Manuela Hg says:

I'd rly like to try it out but i'm allergic to mushrooms :c

Verena Valkyrie says:

Woooow that's so cool 😀 need to try it

M LOUISE says:

Mushrooms are one of my most favorite foods so I absolutely love your channel!

Sipin says:

Been vegetarian since 1993. Love some grilled and seasoned Portabello caps…mmmmmmmmm

Kat K says:

Oh my god more salt!!!!

Kat K says:

Lol sooooo much seasoning girl!!!!!

Kat K says:

A good steak doesn't need seasoning. If anything only a little salt and pepper
You want to taste what you're eating not taste sodium filled seasonings
My chef opinion though

lacey Macpherson says:

3:05 start

dionizio anna says:

You think mushrooms are the new meat, love you gotta try "jaca Verde"

Lindsay Brown says:

I tried this, and I was skeptical at first because I really don’t like mushrooms, but holy shit, this is amazing and I’m making it for dinner for my mom and I!

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