Outdoors healthy cooking. A vegetarian campervan dinner cooked outside, when living in a van, what to cook is always an important question. In this video i show you one easy, quick, simple and very healthy meal we all can do.

Toast bread with feta cheese, tomato, oregano and olive oil for starting, vegetables easy cooking with onions, green pepper, tomato and peas and, to go with, a green salad with tomato, onions, feta cheese, oreganos, olive oil and balsamic vinagre.

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1 daily habits, 2 food 3 relationship with time 4 relationship with other people 5 personality 6 happiness, those are the topics answered on this video.

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When living out of a camper van, home is where you park it. I can park by the beach and enjoy our tiny beach home on wheels, and i love it.
Me and Vanilda

I’m a portuguese writer living in a van, a conversion self made and her name is Vanilda. We live together for more than a year now, it is a true love story.
My converted van, all DIY, looks small but it feels like a school bus made a tiny home and is taking me to most amazing places always traveling around.
This is my real life doing what i always wanted and love, that’s why every day is a great day for me.

Feel welcome to be part of this adventure about my life with Vanilda, always discovering new places that we call home.

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Seven Grey says:

thx for the great cooking video. btw: the spice is pronounced "Oh-reg-i-noh" (hope that helps)

Susan Maguire says:

I'm coming for dinner soon. All the way from South Carolina USA. 🙂

Oxana Dere says:

mmm yummy :))

Freetasman says:

Bon appetit !
I love the Mediterranean food including the Moroccan tagines.

Victor Gomes says:

Way to go Patrique! It's obviously possible to follow a healthy diet while RVing. Já que estavam na vossa beach house porque não adicionar um pouco de marisco á ementa. Bom proveito!

Henry Daniel says:

quick, simple healthy great idea ! enjoy your meal and a cold beer cheers

Suppers Ready says:

Thank you sharing Patrique. We are always looking for new healthy meals and recipes. Lately we have been trying to keep it raw as much as possible and doing biweekly mini fasts. Feeling good my friend much love to you.

Chris S says:

Looks like a very good meal, bon appetit 😉

10 Produz says:

nice video man! Seems like you get to know a lot of nice people:)
Waiting for your van tour

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