Paalakoora Pulusu Koora – Cooking with Mom (Quick, easy and healthy cooking)

Paalakoora Pulusu Koora – Cooking with Mom (Quick, easy and healthy cooking)

Quick, easy and healthy Andhra recipe that can be made in under 15 mins and it tastes divine when served with steamed rice and fresh cut onions on the side. Try this heavenly combination and enjoy with your family.

Text Recipe:

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bhuvana chandran says:

Can u tel me wat camera n model u use pls

Abbas Khan says:

you have the mamma thank god good to see god bless you

Paul Jyothi says:

Good very nice cooking

Angela K says:

hi sruthi, I love your recipes. believe me I have tried so many of your recipes and loved them. your presentation throughout the show is awsome, that is why your channel is a big hit!!
and today it's great to see your mom along with you.
I never felt a single mistake in any of your recipe shows what so ever but today you said it's "pulusu koora", but as per my knowledge, "pulusu" means very thin tart gravy.
you could have called it "pullakoora" instead, as u added tamarind and made it a thick dish.
Its just my view, But let not my view disturb you in any way. you are simply awsome.
I'm your big fan,and always will be. i have subscribed to your channel. God bless☺

trupti patel says:

Ur mummy also have sweet smile as u

Farida Bai says:

Hello shuruti i like all recipes of urs it's tasty shows more recipes of andra

lavanya k says:

Very happy to see your mom with you in sruthikitchen. Cooking with mom enhances the taste.

Deshi kitchen sudha recipe says:

Looks soo yummmmyyy

Nayana Tara R says:

Hi Shruti! Can you please post a vedio of Nune Gongoora pachadi please.

koteswararao R says:

hi mam show some different type of sweets

sandhya binu says:

Hi shruthi..that was a sweet lovely with mom 🙂

varada munshi says:

I like your way of demo. arranging the kitchen and fridge,though Gujarati I love south Indian food, i thad many South Indian friends in Mumbai, thanks.

vihu ke fans says:

please tell me ur qualification

Jai Jaiswar says:

ohhh now I got why u r soooo beautiful.

Nithya K says:

Love your cooking and love to see your mom with you, I miss her here in US. I wish I am an earning member.

nikki so,friendly says:

Hi, shruthi kitchen I tried today.. it came aswome.. easy recipe in few minutes..

butiful lyf says:

youtuber shrutianand and shruthiskitchen , both have similar voice.

pranavi bb says:

u said pulusu kura but it looks like dry …

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