I tried to hunt for Pokemon, plus mini haul and my homemade salsa recipe!

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Hi! My name is Bronwyn Papineau AKA BiiBiiBeauty & BiiBiiBap
I am a Canadian girl from Toronto Ontario currently living in Tokyo Japan! I Previously lived in Seoul South Korea for 2 years and have no idea where my next location will be! Come with my on my journey through like through my somewhat daily vlogs! I love all things fashion, beauty, food and travel and of course I am happy to share it all with you!


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pinkie24 says:

Where is that blue top from? its sooooo pretty

Miss Mana says:

Love your vids <3 I would like to see more cooking/healthy food themed vids :3

brinnyful says:

Get a garlic press! I love mine! Also, I love watching what I eat in a day and recipe videos. Always looking for new inspiration, and new things to try.

Sheik 4 Tokyo says:

I find a lot of Growliths in my area, and Arcanine was one of the first evolutions I made. I wish I could send them to you! XD

Pandapoof 1 says:

When I have a strong smell on my hands I just wash them and follow up with a nice smelling antibacterial hand sanitizer. also if you have a blender, nutri bullet, coffee grinder, or processer you can put the garlic in there and pulse it a few times. Any leftovers can be stored in a jar.

Ghaida H says:

For the garlic smell on hands, just rub your hands on your sink or with a spoon.. anything made of aluminum and the smell will disappear like magic. In daiso they sell aluminum ball made for this.

Sure chigai says:

omg you did sound like Sharla when you said the pudding!!

den T says:

You always looks so upset when you start the vlog.. Are you ok? X

annie mae anime says:

I hope you can make a video on Japan's makeup. Maybe some Japanese underrated makeup products? 🙂

vvvalentsia says:

cooking part is fun! also looking forward for more of ur videos 화이팅!!!:)

Emilie Mimoune says:

You sounded like Sharla when saying "The pudding is SO GOOD!!!" X'D

Bansef NEKO says:

I love eating beans but I don't enjoy when I have to cook them…because it takes lot of time and When my Mom usually ask me to cook them for her; she call my name loudly and tell me to stop playing online…and If I tell her just a minute,she turn off the wireless conection.But I always end out doing it. Because as I said I love eating them.

Frances M says:

looks delicious! another solution for the garlic, if you don't find a garlic press, is to buy surgical gloves and use them when cooking anything smelly

aryslayer says:

Take a metal spoon and rub your fingers over it under cold running water and that will take the garlic smell away. I do it every time I chop fresh garlic and it works for me.

Arianna Fernando says:

Rubbing your fingers on a steel sink can get rid of the garlic smell!

brielle8383 says:

Your avocado salsa looked so delicious, I will definitely be making that. Love the way you were wearing your hair at the beginning, with the loose side braid.

b says:

5:35 is that pokemon open while you're cooking? haha ♡

MugglebornWitch says:

I'd love to see more of what you eat, I'm currently trying to change to a healthy lifestyle so seeing what food you like is very inspring! 🙂

UmmeYusuf says:

ooh I'll be trying that salsa recipe :p you should do more cooking videos – it's fun to watch ^^

please also check out some of mine if you have time, that would be awesome ^^


Mada Riduan says:

try to soak your beans in the water overnight. it will make it easier to process after. usually redbean, blackbean and soybean are harder than other beans

Aleen R says:

I'd love to see more "what I eat" vids, especially when you eat a healthy whole foods diet! Your dinner looked so yummy!! Also, if you ever think of this the night before (or 8hrs before your meal) it's good to soak your legumes and whole grains overnight, rinse and then boil.. it decreases cooking times as well as increase digestibility and increase micronutrient availability. Soaking helps break down the anti nutrients (phytic acid) in the dried legumes/whole grains.

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