Stainless Steel Silicone Tongs & Outdoor Barbecue Tongs For Cooking, Serving, Barbecue, Buffet, Salad, Ice, Oven

Stainless Steel Silicone Tongs & Outdoor Barbecue Tongs For Cooking, Serving, Barbecue, Buffet, Salad, Ice, Oven

Product Description

Our barbecue clip,stainless steel outdoor barbecue supplies accessories,bread baking tools, barbecue food clip.

This Stainless Steel Food Clip has a soft ergonomic grip, easy to store. Simply wipe under hot water or throw them in the dishwasher. Superior to wooden and disposable tongs. Food grade silicone material is better than plastic or rubber coated tips.

★ to burn out, gourmet beauty carved, unlimited barbecue good helper!

★ a hone barbecue accessories, both for their own style of verification, and respect for the delicious.

★ to fold type clamp is easy to clip of food such as fish and shrimp, sausage, and strong is not easy to drop, also can the oil well, accusing oil.

★ streamlined handle design, feel comfortable and secure when hold, can also be effective insulation prevent hot.

★ roast clamp design has push-pull type rubber fixed clasp, push gently folded can clamp the roast, convenient to bake clip hang put up, also can effectively save space.

★ It has stainless steel handle design and the pull-ring lock design, you can lock it when you don’t use it.

Product Details:

♥ Name: food clip

♥ Material: food grade nylon +430 stainless steel

♥ Specifications: Length 27.5 * Width 3.8cm

♥ Net weight: 75g

♥ Heat resistance: 230 ℃

♥ Uses: used for cooking, baking food

Soft silicone chuck, ruling insipidity, shells, bionic design, can firmly containing objects of various shapes, sizes, and put up and down.

Product Features

  • √ HEALTH AND DURABLE-Health durable, chuck, handle, hook several parts made of food grade silica gel is no rust, use more health. Food grade nylon chuck high hardness, acid resistance, the use of wave shape, to prevent food slip.
  • √ LEAVE NO STAIN-Leave no stain, handle silicone shelter evil people and practices easily, because the design for the removable structure, let you more thorough cleaning, the stain is nowhere to hide.
  • √SPECIAL DESIGH – rear lock patent design, tighten clamp spare button, after receive excellent design. Lock centre more round hole for hanging, more save valuable space in the kitchen.
  • √ RESILIENT-Closed on the clip and cord clasp, clamp to receive state; The push-down lock, clip to return to work condition. Ring safety lock design: the internal design with automatic spring, light pull the lock can be opened; when not closed when the lock suspension storage.
  • √ PRODUCT QUALITY ASSURANCE-Chuck with food grade nylon material, heat up to 230 ° C, handle 430 stainless steel, in line with the EU LFGB and FDA contact with food-grade health standards, safe and healthy!



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