Summer ultrafine mill problems and solutions

Summer ultrafine mill problems and solutions

What is the dilemma of the Ultrafine Mill where the summer is coming and the production is at high temperatures? Is the Phoenix Nirvana or the status quo, Hot summer, ultra-fine milling opportunities which problems, how to prevent and solve? Our company to solve problems for you. The most common is the ultrafine mill bearing heat, in general, there are many causes of bearing heat, such as prolonged rotation will cause the bearing heat, but the hot summer will make the equipment bearing heat, this time people will think that bearings Fever is a normal thing, this attitude does not attach the equipment will cause damage to the bearing, so in the production process once the bearing heat is expected to timely cooling, to avoid other failures.

Followed by the Raymond Mill plum rack, as the name suggests, is like a plum-like shelf, it is connected to the top of the central axis, roller shaft mounted on it, and the components driven by the host drive and fast rotation, grinding ring fixed, Electromagnetic vibration feeder to the material quantitative, uniform, continuous into the host, in the grinding roller and grinding ring between the grinding effect, although there is no direct participation in the material crushing, but relative to other parts , It can also be said to have played a direct role, for the production, it is very important.

Summer high temperature and rainy characteristics, so Vertical Roller Mill in the course of work, because the air from the lower part of the grinding ring in the tangent direction inhalation, through the grinding roller and grinding ring between the grinding area, plum rack installed with three roller, not only around With the central axis of the revolution, while the roller itself due to friction and rotation. Material temperature is too high, or too much humidity, so that after the friction and the deposition of materials led to plum rack operation is not flexible, seriously affecting the production schedule. It is important to monitor the temperature and humidity of the material. The article mainly introduces the problems of the ultra-fine milling machine in the summer, how to prevent and solve, and analysis of the bearings, plum rack parts in the production of possible failures and causes, we in the actual use of the process, Maintenance and maintenance to be carried out in the end, so as to ensure its smooth production.

But in addition to the weather and long-term operation will cause the bearing heat, there is the bearing in the use of time is too long, the bearing will contain some impurities, will lead to the operation of the bearing is not smooth, will directly cause the bearing heat, Life, and other lubricants too much or too little cause of the bearing heat, these problems need people to pay attention.



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