The Healthiest Cooking Oils to Use | Healthy Family Recipes

The Healthiest Cooking Oils to Use | Healthy Family Recipes

You might think you can cook with just any oil, but the oil you choose really depends on how you’re preparing your food. For example, there are some oils that can be dangerous if you heat them up and some oils that you should avoid completely. Also, there’s a new cooking oil on the market that you should get to know – algae oil! Watch this video to learn more about the best healthy cooking oils from holistic nutritionist Kelly LeVeque.

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Kelly LeVeque:
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dav says:

Don't like when people get paid to pretend to be genuine, there should be a clear disclaimer in the beginning

Sharday Cota says:

are avocados omega3 or 6

charmer5886 says:

so i can use coconut oil/algae oil to fry my protein??

Mark emark says:

Hmm never heard of algae oil thnx for good info.

Ana Ruiz says:

good morning kelly! is sunflower oil good/bad for your hair mixed with rosemary ?

chinnuz1234 says:

how much algae oil cost is it available in india

bonemarrow21 says:

What about cooking with raw unrefined coconut oil vs refined?

Virgo says:

You are dead wrong about sunflower oil. It has more health benefits than of oils you mentioned.

Aleksey Mayzenberg says:

What is MCT oil and how does it compare to algae oil?

JasmineCyrene says:

Will the algae oil and coconut oil change the flavor of your food?

Iris Gonzalez says:

So helpful 🙂

Bee Kay says:

Thanks, Kelly. Short and very informative answered. One further question though: what about olive oil? I mean, cold pressed extra virgin, of course 🙂

Cassandra Shoopman says:

What about canola oil?

Jamie Liverseidge says:

what about grape seed oil? that's what I use in everything…I love the light taste!

Natalia Baage-Lord says:

I love that you made this video. I'm thrilled that you shared it. Great information. I use coconut oil, but am interested in avocado oil too.

Lisa Washington says:

I'm curious about how algae oil tastes!

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