The reason why the ultrafine mill is inefficient

The reason why the ultrafine mill is inefficient

In the process of working, the ultrafine mill often has a decline in production efficiency due to various reasons, which makes many people feel very distressed. In fact, in the process of working, using some small tips can be well avoided. The occurrence of this phenomenon, then, what are the factors affecting the production efficiency of the ultra-fine mill? How can we improve the working efficiency of the ultra-fine mill? Our technicians will introduce the user below.

1. Generally speaking, the harder the material is, the more difficult it is to superfine the grinding powder. As the hardness of the material is upgraded, the difficulty of grinding increases, and the more easily the ultrafine grinding machine is worn. 2. The ultra-fine mill is not very cold for products with large moisture content. Generally speaking, the moisture content of the product will cause adhesion to the inside of the ultra-fine mill, and it will also gamble during the feeding process. Greatly reduce the capacity of the ultra-fine mill. 3. If the product needs more fine powder, it should be sieved once in advance to prevent the fine powder from adhering to the inside of the ultrafine mill and affecting the transportation. 4. Due to the viscosity of the product, the adhesion is large, which will affect the working efficiency of the ultra-fine mill. 5. The ultra-fine grinding machine adopts ultra-fine grinding parts with better wear resistance and performance. The more the ultra-fine grinding machine has the ability, the better the grinding products can be.

The production efficiency of the ultrafine mill is also affected by the above aspects, so we should try to avoid the above situation when using the ultra-fine grinding machine, so that our machine can improve the production efficiency under the premise of ensuring the quality. Pay attention to the details of its work and better maintenance in production. Proficiency and all aspects of mastering the operation and precautions of the ultra-fine mill can greatly improve production efficiency. Our ultra-fine grinding machine meets the needs of the market with its unique performance characteristics and superb technology.



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