Titanium Cup (450ml / 600ml ) Camping Mug With Measurement Marks, Extra Strong Ultra Lightweight (Ti), Healthy & Eco-Friendly Cup for Travel / Camping in Easy to Store Cloth Case (450ml With Lid)

Titanium Cup (450ml / 600ml ) Camping Mug With Measurement Marks, Extra Strong Ultra Lightweight (Ti), Healthy & Eco-Friendly Cup for Travel / Camping in Easy to Store Cloth Case (450ml With Lid)

To fulfill the need of customers like you, finessCity launched Professional Titanium Cup (Ti) for the regular Camper, Hiker or we say the ‘Travellers’ who are looking for a mug which click all the below check boxes.
– You want to buy something lightweight as feather which doesn’t add much weight to your Kit?
– Looking for a camping mug which have a measurement marks?
– Tired of using those plastic or paper cup when outside and wants to help the environment by reducing the landfill?
– A mug which can last years of rugged usage?

These finessCity Titanium Cups are environment friendly, so once you have them, you aren’t going to use any other cup while on the move.
With it’s fold-able handles it takes less space & you can also clip the mug into a Carabiner.
Cup with visible marking which helps you know how much you like to take or even use it as a measuring cup.

As like our other products, they are made of 100% Titanium as well, it’s Good for You & Environment. It’s Main Characteristics are

– Healthy & Eco-Friendly: Titanium is non hazardous, harmless and has compatibility with humans. It won’t make pollution to our air and environment as a whole.
– Lightweight & High Strength: The density of titanium is higher than aluminium and lower than steel but yet it’s very lightweight. It’s not easy for deformation after shaping it once. It high strength is one of the main reason it’s being used in NASA.
– Bacteria & Corrosion Resistant: Titanium can inhibit the Growth of bacteria and harmful bacteria would die out. A layer of dense solid titanium dioxide protect it from corrosion.
– High Temperature Resistant : Titanium melting point is 1688 °C, it is not easy to be deformed in high temperature cooking.

What are you waiting for? BUY IT NOW AT THE REDUCED PRICE BEFORE WE INCREASE THE PRICE and Enjoy another high quality Premium product from finessCity

Product Features

  • ✔ DURABLE MUG WITH LID, DISHWASHER SAFE, HEALTHY & ECO-FRIENDLY: This Camping Mug comes with Lid is Corrosion & High Temperature Resistant. Its dishwasher safe and reusable, these Titanium Coffee Mug Cup are Environment Friendly & not toxic. There are no after tastes after you use it and it is also non-allergenic, odourless & flavourless. finessCity titanium cups with Lid for camping are much better than any Metal or Stainless Steel Cups. These are also 100% FDA Food Grade Titanium (Ti).
  • ✔ SUPER STRONG & ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT: This Titanium 450ml Cup with Lid is very Sturdy & Lightweight and easy to handle. They are 100% Titanium, Each 15.8 oz metal cup is 2.51 oz/ 71 gm in total weight. The Dimensions of the Cup Titanium is 3.15″/ 8cm in Diameter & its length is 3.74 inches/ 9.5 cm. The Lid is 3.17″/8.08cm in diameter; they work perfectly outdoors & for all occasions and places. The Camping Mugs with Lid are resistant to Acid & Alkali & won’t rust at all.
  • ✔ CUP WITH MEASUREMENT MARKS: finessCity Titanium Cups with Lid unlike other Camping Cups comes with measuring marks so now you no longer need to guess how much you have in the camping mug. Just only this feature makes is a much better choice than any other outdoor cup. This Outdoors Coffee Cup with Lid is reusable & comes with a washable Premium Quality Cloth Case that keeps them safe and away from dust & contamination. You can use these as metal measuring cups as well at outdoors.
  • ✔ PERFECT FOR TRAVEL, CAMPING & EVERYDAY USE: This Camping metal cup with Lid is easy to use and handle. It’s not just good for camping but as it’s very lightweight you can easily carry it during Travel or keep it in your car/truck. You can also use them at home for drinking coffee or tea if you prefer. If you like not to waste paper cups in office, school or college, BUY These. Keep them with you and help the environment.
  • ✔ NO-RISK 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: All of our products are made out of 100% Titanium, so rest assured on the life of this Camping Single Wall Cup with Lid. This will last for years and on top of that if you don’t like the product (which will be highly unlikely) don’t worry; We will refund it even after Amazon provided 30 days policy. You’re protected by our LIFETIME; no-questions asked ironclad MONEY BACK GUARANTEE that is backed by our world class customer service.



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