Ultrafine mill greatly expanded the use of calcium carbonate powder

Ultrafine mill greatly expanded the use of calcium carbonate powder

The main Ore Milling Equipment component of limestone is calcium carbonate, which is widely used as a building material and is also an important industrial raw material.According to the different size of the pulverization, there are four different specifications of calcium carbonate powder in the industry: single, twin-flight, three and four, respectively, for each industrial sector.The calcium carbonate powder can be used in toothpaste, soap, etc.The 800 purpose can be used in rubber, plastic, cable and other industries.The purpose of 1250 is for paint, coating, papermaking and other aspects.4000 items below for cosmetics, potions, etc.The wide range of applications has expanded the market demand for 4000 items of ultrafine crusher.

The 4000 mesh fine Ultrafine Mill grinding roller and grinding ring are made of high – tech materials, which enhances the stability of the equipment operation and extends the service life of the machine.Compared with general mill, it has various performance advantages: 1, the grinding roller and grinding ring curve using the new design, which greatly improve the grinding efficiency, product fineness can be one-time up to standard.2. When the material and finished product are of the same degree of fineness, the service life of its vulnerable parts is two to three times as long as the ordinary shredder.3. There is no rolling bearing and screw in its grinding chamber, so no bearing and sealing parts can be vulnerable, reducing wear and tear.The market has a lot of production of 4000 eye powder equipment, the product quality is uneven, the price is different.Superfine mill is composed of main mill, blower, dustbin hoist, electromagnetic vibration feeder, coarse separator, fine powder, motor, computer control equipment etc.The whole pulverization process is artificial control, mechanical feeding, wheel pressure grinding, positive pressure conveying, negative pressure pulverizing powder, super fine classification of a single powder.The granulated or coarse powdery materials that meet the requirements are sent to the storage bin through the dustpan elevator, and then the electromagnetic vibration feeder is sent to the grinding chamber of the 650 mill to grind and grind.

The Construction Waste Crusher is driven by the air and into the rougher.After the separation of the thin blade, the fine powder falls into the accretion, and the spillage is the standard finished product.Ultrafine powder, the micro-dust with the air to be drawn by the multi-tube spiral inhalation, using the principle of its own gravity, the collection, through the fine mouth drain, namely the ultra fine powder.The exhaust gas enters the fan through the pipe, and after the re-pressurization, it turns into the closed-circuit circulation process, so there is no dust pollution at all.Our company offers all kinds of grinding fineness of calcium carbonate powder machine, including our super fine grinding has introduced the Sweden’s advanced mechanical manufacturing technology, greatly improve the precision of parts, so as to improve the whole quality and stability of the equipment.It has been developed by our experienced engineers through years of research, and the finished product has a fineness of 4000 eyes.Customers can quickly adjust the fineness of finished products according to different USES.



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