Construction waste disposal technology

Construction waste disposal technology

Rail Raymond Mill construction waste is divided into two parts by a primary screening equipment, coarse material is fed into the crusher is further on the screen broken, crushed materials by magnetic separators to remove the massive iron material; another is a stationary construction waste recycling method. When used in a stationary processing plant, and they have a two-stage crusher, Jaw Crusher, impact crusher, and has specialized parting, as on a conveyor belt by means of pneumatic or wet washing method is unwanted material from the solution. The kit can also be equipped with a sorting equipment, such as bump vibration device for light materials such as wood, plastics, paper, and light pollution classification and separation of the material.

3rd number of recycled Construction Waste Crusher For Sale coarse aggregate is widely used in building materials can be mixed with concrete aggregate, roadbed bedding can also be made from ecological water permeable brick of ground material, pouring water permeable brick through waterways brick three eco-permeable bricks. Reclaimed its proportion and gradation of aggregate mixture of recycled aggregates in whole or in part replaced natural aggregates (mainly coarse aggregate) preparation of new concrete, reinforced concrete beams with recycled aggregate concrete is called reinforced recycled aggregate concrete beams.

This aggregate can be widely used as a building material industry, construction waste crushing process is also the most rivers is prohibited to mine opens up a path to higher returns on green economy, and now the Government’s treatment of construction waste to come up a lot of supportive policies, this morning engaged in building waste processing industry may be wise.



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