George Foreman Entertaining 7-Portion Grill 19932 – Silver

George Foreman Entertaining 7-Portion Grill 19932 – Silver

The George Foreman 19932 seven portion family grill can cater for the whole family, from a fresh salmon dish to the kid’s favourite burgers. You can grill most types of foods on the George Foreman grill from steaks to chicken breasts to vegetables and prawn skewers the grill can handle it all. If you’re stuck on worktop space but still like to use the grill the George Foreman can be stored away vertically which will help it to slot neatly away inside your cupboard or on your worktop, without taking you too much room.

Product Features

  • Cooks up to seven portions of food on 774 cm and two non stick easy clean plates
  • Sloped grill design channels fat and grease into separate drip tray
  • Adjustable rear foot design for flat or angled cooking
  • Floating hinge enables cooking of extra thick food
  • Also makes a panini press or sandwich toaster



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