Go Grow Mushrooms: Yellow Oyster Mushroom Growing kit

Go Grow Mushrooms: Yellow Oyster Mushroom Growing kit

Grow fresh and tasty, organic mushrooms at home, in just ten days in your kitchen.

To start growing, simply open the box and moisten daily with a few sprays of tap water (spray bottle included). In no time mushrooms will be peeking out and you’ll see them double in size every day! The bouquet will be ready to harvest after ten days. Cooking mushrooms as soon as they’ve been picked means you can enjoy the most delicious mushrooms you’ve ever eaten. Enjoy your mushrooms with a delicious homemade meal such as a risotto, an omelette or toasts.

You will get at least one harvest (guaranteed or we send you a new box!) but most clients get a second harvest that is smaller. The kit lasts for 3 months in the box if unopened. Oyster mushrooms grow at room temperature (15-25°C).

Our kits are made of recycled straw, on which we leave the mycelium to grow. All our kits are certified organic and made in France.

Every kit is guaranteed.
If your mushrooms misbehave or don’t grow, contact us and we’ll send you a new kit. Your satisfaction really is our prime concern and we want all our customers to live a fun experience while growing their mushrooms 🙂

Each kit contains
– A ready to grow kit
– An instruction manual including our favourite recipes
– A small spray bottle to fill with tap water

Product Features

  • EASY: Put the kit in your kitchen, open the box and spray it everyday with tap water (spray included in the kit). 10 days later, harvest your mushrooms and enjoy a delicious homemade meal!
  • FAST: Oyster mushrooms grow naturally in 10 days. This kit is under warranty: if your mushrooms misbehave, we’ll happily send you a new kit.
  • DELICIOUS: Of course, grey oyster mushrooms are edible. With their slightly sweet flavour, they are perfect for a risotto or on toasts. All our mushrooms are certified organic.
  • ORIGINAL: To treat yourself, your kids or as a present, growing one’s own mushrooms is a unique and exciting experience. Before opening, you can keep your kit for 2 to 3 months at room temperature.
  • FUN: Both kids and adults will get an easy introduction to home growing and natural sciences with this mushroom kit.



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