Healthy Cooking: How to Cook Beets

Healthy Cooking: How to Cook Beets

EatingWell’s Jessie Price shares healthy cooking tips for how to cook beets three ways: how to roast beets, how to pickle beets and how to steam beets. She shows how to prepare fresh beets, a quick pickled beets recipe, roasted beet recipe and steamed beets.

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DR Hone says:

NO NO NO! You should not slice and peel beets before cooking. You lose the beet blood(color)& the vitamins and nutrients.

evensteve284 says:

Question: to pickle the beets, are you adding cooked beets to the mixture? Great video. Thanks.

T. Thomas says:

do u need the sugar for the pickle

Frendo Man says:

great tips, i'm on my way, God bless you 😉

b8starfish says:

Thank you for teaching me how to cook beetroot

Damaris Perez says:

Love your videos quick and straight to the point.

fiendin281 says:

She has a weird accent

Travel Mama says:

Very good video! Thanks!

Damaris Santoyo says:

Nice! I love how informative these videos always are.

mochaman3713 says:

great video!!

the man says:

beets should never be cooked because ALL of the nutrients in the beets are LOST! Boiled till soft, then sliced or grated into a salad.. no nutrients are lost, none.

OfftoShambala says:

the steaming method is the best for beets… while the roasted kind may taste great, cooking in tin foil should be avoided at all costs and is not a healthy cooking surface

Ms Kimlo says:

I so don't like beets no matter what I try, I can't keep them down ugh!

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